Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pay it forward Fluffy style! I dare you...

I'm sure you've all heard of karma, the effect a persons actions has on their future. It's a pretty basic principle, whether or not you call it karma is up to you. I'm sure in one way or another you've all experienced it, whether through tithing at church, giving to a person in need, being unnecessarily kind to another, etc. Not only is the reward the way that you feel about having done something nice, something selfless, often times we find that we're essentially paid back for our actions in some way. My mother for example, is forever giving giving giving, and I think mom you can't afford to give ALL the time. But you know what I notice, not only is she giving all the time, she's receiving all the time too.

All this talk about fancy shmancy diapers got me thinking. Thanks to Lisa of Miracle Diapers, for inspiring this train of thoughts in my head with her story of the fancy Mr B diaper she donated that was used and returned to MD only to be lent out again! :)

So I thought in honor of Miracle Diapers and Lisa's Mr. B... What about it we all try to Pay it Forward FLUFFY Style by sending one or some of our nicer diapers to Miracle Diapers? I know what you're thinking, you're holding on to your babes diapers because you're attached to them, some probably don't even fit anymore, and you're thinking they're worth something so you could maybe sell them.

So I dare you! Dig deep into your stash, purge it of the diapers you no longer use, the ones you don't need to keep, the ones you thought you might save for a friend, and send something special to Miracle Diapers! You'll feel good after you do, I swear, and think of how special that mama will feel when she gets a fancy diaper from MD and gets to show off her little one's cute bum!

This is great timing for me to donate, my sons are potty training (have been trying for a while) and I think getting rid of most of their diapers might give me the extra push I need to really commit to the potty training and get it done.

Click Here, for more info on what you can donate to help out Miracle Diapers!


Lisa J said...

AWW! Such an awesome idea!

I'd like to pay it forward! :) Fluffy-ish style!

I would love to donate a diaper sprayer and a wetbag to one of your subscribers: nattyrf511

Can you please have her contact me? :)

Thank you for all you do for the cloth diapering community! I had NO idea that the Mr. B diaper was such a big deal! I have a pic of it I'll post it to your facebook, and you can use it wherever you'd like!

Lisa J said...

... in addition to the Mr. B diaper.. I was packing up some diapers the other day, and I ran across a diaper that had the exact same stitching as the Mr. B diaper.... It had embroidered on the bum.. Baby's First Easter, with a cute little Easter pic on it. No tag for the maker! I'm going to go back and do some research! :)

Julie said...

Lisa that's fabulous! And I'll add the Mr B pic to that post after I get it from you so everyone can see it.

Anonymous said...

Lisa, thank you so much. I was just cleaning poop of a diaper today and having an iternal discussion with God about how much I wished I had a diaper sprayer and just minuts later I get online and find out what you doing for me. THANK YOU! God Bless you and yours. Also the wetbag is something I've wanted since for ever but felt I coldn't justify the purchase, thank you!

Anonymous said...

this is such an excellent idea, although I think I might have a hard time parting with even a prefold or two. But I am going to search my stash, does MD take G diapers? These are some favorite of mine because you can put a prefold in and literally use the same cover all day. I have a few smalls we don't need.


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