Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Top 10 Reasons to buy cloth diapers as gifts!

From the Knickernappies Blog
1. Because they're cute and they come in so many different styles and prints!

2. Because they save you money, can be reused for future children and can even be resold when you're through with them!

3. Because it's fun getting other mamas addicted to cloth and it gives you another excuse to buy fluff!

4. Because they save you from all those late night diaper runs.

5. Because babies don't need another plastic toy, terry cloth bathrobe, or hooded towel that they'll never wear.

6. Because they're better for baby and more comfortable than disposables.

7. Because they're better for the environment.  For every cloth diaper changed you've saved a disposable from the landfill.

8. Because they make changing dirty diapers so much more fun!

9. Because it's fun seeing the looks on peoples faces when they see what "modern" cloth diapers look like!

10. Because nearly all cloth diapers are sold by wahm companies and were invented by mommy inventors and it's great to support family owned and operated businesses!

*Can you think of additional reasons why cloth diapers make great gifts?  Leave a comment here or on Knickernappies FaceBook Page!

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