Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Thirsties BRAND NEW Duo Fab Fitted!

We've been waiting a LONG time for these diapers to make their debut and now they're here!

Thirsties has developed the Duo - 2 size system which I love! Most one-size diapers truly don't fit a newborn or a potty-trainer. So Thirsties developed a 2 size system; Size One starts at 6 pounds - truly a newborn, unlike One-Size diapers which start around 8 pounds. Size Two is 18-40 lbs. Most children are potty-trained by then!

So, introducing the Duo Fab Fitted! A 2 size fitted that works superbly with the 2 size Duo Wrap, or Thirsties original cover. Plus the colors coordinate with the Duo Wraps and are adorable! Don't even want to cover those up!

Super Absorbancy! These fitteds hold up to 18 oz of fluid! That's 7 times their weight! Great for even a heavy wetter.

The Duo Fitted has a sleeve design for extra stuffing if necessary and faster drying.

And it's available in 6 adorable colors and Velcro or Snaps!

For more information, check them out here!

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