Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cloth trainers make sense and save cents over disposables!

Seems like common sense to me, if you want to potty train your little one and get them used to wearing underwear wouldn't you want them to be wearing training pants that look and feel as much like real underwear as possible? 

Disposable trainers make no sense at all.  Just because of the faux underwear print do they think the child will understand that they're supposed to be "big kid" underwear?  No!  If your little one is used to disposable diapers then they're going to think disposable trainers are one and the same, after all they look about the same, feel about the same and they can see you getting them in the same plastic packaging from the store, just like baby diapers.

Luckily cloth diaper companies have come to your rescue and provide you with some cloth alternatives to disposable trainers.  Trainers that are made to look and feel like real underwear.

One of our favorite brands of cloth trainers is Little Beetle Learners!

Little Beetle Learners provide a wonderful way to welcome your little one into the world of potty learning! 

Pull on, snap off. What could be easier? 

Two layers of our favorite fair trade organic velour cotton, with a third layer tucked into the wet zone and hidden by some very sporty stitching! Our Learners are 100% natural fibers, that means no PUL or other waterproofing layer. (couple with a wool soaker short for heavy duty needs). Designed to catch an small accident or miss while headed to the potty, the fit is trim yet contemporary. Surprisingly enough, we find these to be almost as absorbent as our diapers and thus can serve double duty if you like (for use as a diaper, add a doubler and wool soaker short)  
Not only are cloth trainers much more comfortable for your little one, they save you a ton of money, they're better for the planet and they can be saved and used when your next child is of potty training age!

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