Thursday, July 1, 2010

Help save the Gulf Coast wildlife! Donate your cloth diapers and inserts!

As a Florida resident, the Gulf Oil Spill is on our minds daily. Summertime here is beach season and every time we are able to go to our beautiful beaches we are reminded that others on the Gulf Coast, like Louisiana and Florida's panhandle are not so lucky, who knows when they'll ever get to enjoy their coastline again.

You may not know this but cloth diaper manufacturer FuzziBunz is located in Louisiana and has found a way that the cloth diapering community can help with this horrific disaster.

Tereson has started "Cloth for the Coast." After much research and cutting through red tape she has found that donations of new or used inserts, prefolds and other cloth diapers can be used to assist in the cleanup and in rehabilitating the affected wildlife.

While we may all feel helpless to stop this terrible oil spill from continuing to affect our coastlines and wildlife I think that it is awesome that there IS something we can do to help.

Please become a FAN of Cloth for the Coast on FaceBook and send your donations to

FuzziBunz Diapers
Attn: CFC
315 Weeks St
New Iberia, LA 70560

Items that you can send are; microfiber towels, absorbent inserts, pocket diaper inserts of any kind, washcloths, burpcloths, baby blankets and more.

It is preferred that items be free of snaps, elastic and velcro but if needed volunteers will be able to sort the donated items and will be donating the items that can not be used in the cleanup efforts to charity.

This is our chance to help make a difference! Let's show the coast just how awesome the cloth diapering community is!

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