Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pimp Your Stash Winner #6 - Andrea

This week's winner is Andrea (wife to James and mom to Clara)... Her winning entry was #102, however here is what it says the entry with the answer of the question, so you guys can see how fitting was for her to win this:
I'd love to win a carseat cover for several reasons. I much prefer having cotton next to my baby than all of the synthetic, chemical laden stuff in the carseat cover. I'd also like to give my daughter something pink, poor thing, since her carseat is distinctly gender neutral (almost boyish). And, I have had nasty blowouts etc. that were a pain to fix. This would be a nice change. Especially since we are getting to the age where she'll be eating in her seat soon! Thanks.

Im totally sure they would LOVE their new seat... We would love if they share a photo of Clara using the seat after she gets it! Dont forget to follow them on their blog.

Andrea: Congratulations! Contact us ASAP so we can get your seat cover out to you right away!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Sale @ Earth Angels Diaper Co. through Oct. 1st!

Take advantage of these great savings! Combine offers and save even more! Visit Earth Angels Diaper Co. between Sept. 24-Oct. 1 and receive
  • 10% off your order with code RTN10 at checkout
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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Just Julie: Can't they just wear cloth forever!?

Well my twins boys are about to turn 3yrs old and I think it's finally time I try and take potty training a little more seriously. I've been attempting it for quite some time but find myself saying to myself "oh they just aren't ready yet" but maybe I am the one who's just not ready. I go to reach for underwear and they say "diaper!" I am much too eager to oblige.

In a way I feel like I've just learned about cloth and now my days of cloth diapering babies is going to be over. I regret not having tried it or at least looked into it when my daughter was little. She would have looked so cute with a fluffy bum, instead our family album is filled with photos of her in disposables which I find quite embarrassing, especially since I sell cloth diapers! Now that my sons are in underwear most of the day I regret not having taken more photos of them in cloth, maybe I should have had their portrait taken with cute diapers on....oh, isn't hindsight 20/20!?

I'm so thankful to have become as passionate about cloth as I have become, to have fulfilled my dream of owning a business, and have actually tried something that I would have never imagined I'd love so much. With my daughter I can honestly say, the thought of cloth NEVER crossed my mind.

So I guess it should come as no surprise to me that I would be sad at the thought of never putting another cloth diaper on my sons, never having to fold diaper laundry, no longer needing to covet the latest and greatest diaper other than as stock for my store. I can tell my sons are close to being ready and if I stick to my guns and stay committed to following through they'll probably be potty trained in no time. Then there will be no turning back.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Cloth Diaper Geek Explains it all!

Have you got a question? Don't forget you can either post your question as a comment or submit your question using our Reader Contribution Form.

Question: What are flushable liners and what are the benefits of using them?

The Geek's Answer: Biodegradable Flushable Liners are special dry-weave liners that are intended to catch the solid waste and help prevent the diaper from getting too soiled. When changing the diaper simply go into the bathroom and carefully place the soiled liner in the toilet and flush. The benefits are that your diapers will be easier to launder because you'll have less solid waste on the diaper.

Theses Flushable Liners come in 100 sheets per roll and often sheets can be cut in half before use allowing you to get twice as many uses out of a roll. They are very thin and soft, similar to tissue paper, and are comfortable for baby.

Question: Do I have to use cloth wipes if I use cloth diapers or can I still use disposable wipes?

The Geek's Answer: You do not have to use cloth wipes. However, using cloth wipes is more convenient, here's why...

Generally when you're changing a disposable you place the dirty wipes inside the dirty diaper, fold it up in a little package and toss in the garbage. When using cloth diapers you place the diapers into your laundry pail or wetbag and then are left with a handful of dirty disposable wipes to get rid of. If you're out, you'd need a special baggie to carry them home in until you can dispose of them.

If you were using cloth wipes you could simply put the dirty wipes in with your cloth diapers and wash all together. Simply dump the contents of your diaper pail, wet bag, or pail liner into the wash and tada! It's that simple. It's not recommended that you wash disposable wipes, they have a tendancy to break apart in the washer and can attach themselves in tiny pieces to your aplix and cause quite a hassle.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dumping Disposable Diapers, a fabulous Mothering article!

If you've never wandered over to then you're really missing out. Not only is it full of tons of great info from from topics like home birth, breastfeeding, vaccines and cooking to cloth diapering! The Mothering crew really has a love for cloth and they've got some great articles that are really worth reading.

One such article is Dumping Disposable Diapers, by Lindsay Evans. Lindasy shares with readers her thought process on making the switch, how the idea came about and why it works for her.

"as my stock of disposables dwindled and Amelia and I settled in to our new life together, the thought of continuously buying—and supporting the makers of—disposable diapers made me sick."

She covers the different styles of cloth diapers, their cost, how to care for them, and more in this great article. She even discusses traveling with cloth diapers and the environmental debate, cloth vs. disposables.

This is a perfect article if your a newbie, or considering making the switch to cloth. Head on over to Mothering and check it out! Come back and let me know what you think.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Fluff in the Spotlight: EmmaLu Waterproof Carseat Covers

What is one of the most time consuming, frustrating, inconvenient AND disgusting jobs a mother has to deal with? Cleaning the carseats! No matter how seemingly harmless a carseat may look on the outside, we all know what lurks beneath the cover. Cheerios, raisins, mystery goo, and pretty much some of the grossest grime you can imagine, and on top of that you have to take off all the straps and buckles, take it apart, wash, air dry and then put it all back together.

This is exactly what Jen and Rebecca, inventors of the EmmaLu Carseat Covers had in mind when coming up with the awesome design for their innovative designer carseat covers. They know moms are pressed for time and don't have time to go disassembling the carseat every time there's a spill or leaky diaper.
The EmmaLu carseat covers come in either infant or toddler size and fit a wide array of popular carseat brands. Here are a few of the amazing features:

  • Machine Wash & Dry
  • Fit over top of the manufacturers cover
  • Velcro closures
  • No need to even remove the seat from the car when installing the cover or removing the cover
  • Fits most 5-point harness carseats
  • Available in Designer Prints
  • Made in the USA
  • Perfect accessory for cloth diapered babies & toddlers

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pimp Your Stash #6 - Ends 9/25 (Emmalu Toddler Carseat Cover) *** CLOSED ***

This weeks Pimp Your Stash winner will receive a Pink Multi-Dot Toddler Size waterproof Emmalu Carseat Cover! (A $70 value). This weeks question is "what's your favorite Emmalu carseat cover print?"

Guidelines for Entry
-In order to participate in our weekly contest and validate all extra entries you must first answer the weekly question.

-Please, be sure to be logged into your email account when you post your comment for us to be able to contact you if you win (that is with the option called OpenID). If you have a blog, be sure to be logged into the account linked to your blog for an easier way to contact you....

-Each contest runs from Sunday 12am to Friday 9pm.

-Winners are chosen using, notified on Saturdays and winners name also posted on Blog.

-Winners have 7 days from contest end to claim their prize.

-Participation is open to mamas and papas worldwide! Anyone and everyone is welcome to join in the fun, however we are not responsible for lost packages and prizes that do not reach their destination will not be replaced.

-How to earn extra entries:
* Take a look at the Emmalu Carseat Covers and tell us why you'd like to win one.
* Become a FAN of Earth Angels Diaper Co. on FaceBook
* Join our Yahoo/Newsletter Group
* Follow Us on Twitter
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* Advertise our Giveaway in your blog, forums or site (post with your comment the direct link where you posted about it).
* Contribute an Article, Product Review or relevant story regarding Cloth Diapering. 10 extra entries are given for contributions submitted during the week of the contest. (Please do not contribute articles that were already published elsewhere.)
* Comment to any post on the Diaper Discussions Blog (one entry per each comment)
* Register (or being already registered) in our Affiliate Program (please specify where you placed your affiliate banner).

--- Please post a separate comment for each extra entry and let us know which you've chosen to do in that comment ---

Good Luck!!
*Thanks to Emmalu Desgigns for sposoring this week's Pimp Your Stash! Prize is available in Toddler size Pink Multi Dot only, and is a "seconds" due to a fabric imperfection which is not noticeable. This item is non-returnable/exchangeable.

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