Monday, April 4, 2011

cloth wipes: all the cool people are using them

When I first ventured into the world of cloth diapering I was hesitant about a lot of factors: washing, leakage, practicality etc. I was ultimately won over by the environmental impact of disposables AND their impact on my wallet. Why then was I not as excited to jump on the cloth wipe band wagon? For some reason I held onto that last vestige of disposable diapering. I was happy to ditch the paper diapers but I felt like the wipes practical and inexpensive enough to keep using them. I was so wrong!

After about a month of cloth diapering I realized the disposable wipes were cramping my style. First, I discovered how flimsy they were and just how many I needed to clean up an atomic #2 diaper. Second, I could no longer just wrap them up in the disposable diaper and throw them out (ohhhhhhhhh the landfills........). It actually ended up being MORE work to separate them out without making a mess. I ended up banishing disposable wipes from my house (I do keep them in the car for emergencies!) and making an effort to use the cloth option.

For those that are skeptical (or scared) here is "Cloth Wipes 101".
Lots of cloth diaper makers have gotten in on the cloth wipe action: BumGenius, Fuzzi Bunz, Kissaluvs, the list goes on and on. You can also use washcloths (baby or otherwise- the baby ones tend to be a little softer on the bum), pieces of old textiles- you get the picture. You can use them dry with a spray bottle, wet with plain ol' water, or wet with a diaper wipe solution. There is no wrong way- just what you find that works best for you.

Here is how I "get my wipe on":

I use Thirsties Fab Wipes (and let me tell you, they ARE fab!

For a solution I use Punkin Butt Organic Wipe Concentrate:

I love that one little bottle makes 50 batches!!!

I use a plastic wipes container but any tupperware (or even a wipe warmer) will do. I use an old Huggies tub because I like the opening better for "pop-up-ability". I won't include a picture of that because I bet our readers are super smart and know what one looks like ;)

Now here is where I get kind of fancy. I like my wipes to pop out of the tub like a disposable wipe would. Here is how I make that happen:

Step 1: Lay out the first wipe and put the second wipe halfway over it.

Step 2: Fold one wipe over the other.

Step 3: Lay another wipe over the side you just folded over.

Step 4: Fold the opposite side over the cloth you just laid down.

Continue folding this away until you have used the desired number of wipes and place them in your wipe container. Next, add your wipe solution to one cup of boiled water and pour over the wipes. You're done!! Once you get the hang of folding the wipes this will go a lot faster :) If the folding is not your think you can skip this step. Other mamas prefer to wet wipes as needed or just keep a spray bottle with water or wipe solution on hand to spray dirty bottoms. No matter which way you do it cloth wipes saves you money AND benefits the earth!

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