Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Have your reasons for cloth diapering changed?

Do you continue to use cloth diapers for the same reason you started?

Families cloth diaper their babies for all sorts of reasons.  In the past cloth diapers were the only option, then disposables became the preferred method, and now cloth diapers are making a comeback due to improved design, modern conveniences and the importance now placed on being green.

Depending on your influences, friends, family and online connections cloth diapering may not have even been on your radar.  Some look into it because they saw a cute cloth diapered baby on a website or magazine page, perhaps a celebrity used cloth or you've decided you want to save money.  Other's consider cloth because they care about the environmental impact and health risks involved in using disposable diapers.

So, we're curious...Do you continue to cloth diaper now for the same reasons as when you first started?  Did you start cloth diapering to save money but now you continue because you've become more eco-conscious?  Are you addicted to cloth diapers because of the cute factor and the online communities you may have become a part of?

What are your thoughts?

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