Thursday, August 9, 2007

Hook & Eye? Aplix?

One diaper noted a hook and eye fastening, but then mentioned velcro, kinda confused?

Hook & Eye, Touch Tape, and Aplix are all kinds of velcro, some are known to be stronger than others.

Pre-Folds & Diaper Pins?

Are the pre-folds the only ones these days that still require pins?

Most covers fit well enough to hold the pre-fold in place without pins. Some people still use pins and there is also something called a Snappi which does the same thing as pins. Pre-folds, pre-fitteds, and flats can be used with pins.

A stash?

How many do most people buy to build their stash of diapers?

If you were going to do laundry every other day and wanted to only use pre-folds & covers, I'd recommend at least 2 dozen pre-folds and 6-8 covers. If you had a little of each then maybe
a dozen pre-folds, 4 covers, 6-8 pocket diapers or AIO's.

How many?

To try the different styles, how many would you recommend initially trying of each to get a feel for it?

If you were shopping from my site I'd recommend a DryBees or Just Ducky Baby AIO, a DryBees Pocket w one-size insert, or a Happy Heiny Pocket w insert and some Pre-folds with a Thirsties cover, and maybe one Fab Fitted.

So pocket diapers can be used as covers?

So pocket diapers can be used as covers?

Some people do this. Once you have a "stash" you'd be amazed at all the different ways to stuff, fold, double, etc. Some people use a pocket diaper without an insert as a swim diaper. I just did this the other day when I took my babies swimming. The main thing is that with an AIO or Pocket diaper, the moisture is to be held inside the diaper. If you just use a cover or a pocket as a cover, the pre-fold or doubler would be holding the moisture against the baby. Some people don't like the wetness against the baby. This is also why pre-folds need to be changed more often. I still like them though and don't mind changing out the pre-folds frequently.

Are inserts for the pocket diapers just prefolds?

Are inserts for the pocket diapers just pre-folds?

No, pre-folds are usually made of cotton, sometimes hemp or bamboo, and are layers sewn together. When a pre-fold is referred to as "premium" it just means it's extra thick, and usually costs a little more than regular but is well worth it. Inserts are usually made of fibers that are specially designed to suck in moisture. In a pocket diaper with microfiber insert the insert will virtually suck "wick" the moisture through the soft liner of the pocket diaper and hold it in the insert. You'd notice when you take the insert out it will weigh a ton, and the liner of the diaper would feel almost dry to the touch. Like I said before though, you can use a pre-fold as an insert or doubler but it just doesn't hold in the moisture or hold as much moisture.

Are the doublers inserts for the pocket diapers?

Are the doublers inserts for the pocket diapers?

Inserts and doublers are basically the same thing and can be made of a variety of fibers. Inserts are referred to as that when used in a pocket diaper because they can be "inserted," in an AIO they're just laid in so then they're called doublers. I sometimes fold a pre-fold and stuff that into a pocket diaper with an insert if I think I need some extra stuffing for a long car trip or
overnight, etc.

Why do you prefer...

You said you like pocket diapers while you're out and at night but pre-folds at home, is that to be more cost-effective? Same question for not using AIOs.

Well I have twin sons and pre-folds are affordable and you can imagine how many diapers I need. While I'm at home I just find it easier to put a dry pre-fold on, sometimes without a cover, and it just produces less laundry for me. I'd love to have a huge stash of Pockets and AIO's, and I'm building slowly, but I like the simplicity of the pre-folds too. It's fun to have a variety and I also like saving the cute/more expensive diapers for showing off when we go

Pockets with Pre-Folds?

With a pocket diaper then would you be able to just use one of the pre-folds in the pocket part or should you buy the microfiber inserts for overnight? Which pocket or AIO would you recommend I try? Wondering from experience which you prefer the most. I’m a stay at home mom too so I was thinking pre-folds with covers for sure when I’m home, but wasn’t sure what to try for going out or overnight or with a babysitter.

I have some DryBee's Pocket Diapers with the Wahmie's Microfiber insert that I love. They are easy for dads and babysitters and overnight. The one-size insert can be folded to customize where you need it the thickest for a boy or girl. Pre-folds can be stuffed in as an insert but I wouldn't recommend that for overnight because they just don't suck in as much moisture as microfiber does.

Equivilant to Disposable Pull-Ups?

My 3 year son is in underwear during the day. Wondering what your suggestion is for nighttime with him since he occasionally still has accidents. I’ve been using pull ups for him from the store, but am running low and am looking for a more environmentally safe alternative. He does sometimes wake in the night so I would need something he can pull off and on by himself so he can use the potty and go back to bed like he does now with his pull ups.

There are actually Pocket Trainer diapers which are the most like disposable pull-ups. Here's a link to them on my site They do require the purchase of inserts to go inside them and they can come with or without snaps. Even if you do get snaps they can still be pulled up and down like training pants. The best thing would be that if your son goes all night without an accident then you can just use the pocket trainer again the next night because it would still be clean.

Thinking of Switching to Cloth?

I have a 17 month old who I want to switch to cloth diapers, but my husband is saying they are so pricey. What do you suggest? I’m afraid to buy them and then they leak because I’ll get an I told you so. Now we wasted money on cloth and still have to buy disposables, etc. I was looking at possibly getting the just the basics pre-folds and covers for him. Do those work pretty good? He is a heavy wetter at night time so that is the only concern I have.

As far as your 17month old goes, I would recommend buying one or two diapers or pre-folds and covers, and see what style or brand you prefer before making a large investment on any one kind. You can tell your husband that cloth diapers can be re-sold used when your done with them, and as long as they're in good condition you can re-coup around 80% of what you spent on them. It really is amazing.

Pre-folds are nice because they are the most affordable. The cover usually stays clean and you can just replace the wet pre-fold with a dry one. The pre-fold would need to be changed more frequently than a pocket diaper or all-in-one because they just don't hold as much liquid as microfiber. If you were to only use that method I'd say you'd need about 2 dozen pre-folds & 6-8 covers, laundry would need to be done every other day. I use pre-folds at home during the day and pocket or all-in-one's when we're out or for overnight.

Don't Hate Me Because I'm Fluffy

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