Thursday, August 9, 2007

Pockets with Pre-Folds?

With a pocket diaper then would you be able to just use one of the pre-folds in the pocket part or should you buy the microfiber inserts for overnight? Which pocket or AIO would you recommend I try? Wondering from experience which you prefer the most. I’m a stay at home mom too so I was thinking pre-folds with covers for sure when I’m home, but wasn’t sure what to try for going out or overnight or with a babysitter.

I have some DryBee's Pocket Diapers with the Wahmie's Microfiber insert that I love. They are easy for dads and babysitters and overnight. The one-size insert can be folded to customize where you need it the thickest for a boy or girl. Pre-folds can be stuffed in as an insert but I wouldn't recommend that for overnight because they just don't suck in as much moisture as microfiber does.



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