Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Support The Cloth Diaper Foundation! Participate in their Dozens Diaper Drive!

Did you know the Cloth Diaper Foundation relies on donors and sponsors like you to keep their doors open?  They are currently super low on diapers and need our help.

The Dozens Diaper Drive is aiming at a goal of 1200 diapers.   TCDF sends out diapers to their recipients by the dozen and they'd like to have enough diapers for 100 recipients on hand before they open back up for applications.

According to their ticker located here, they're up to 236 of 1200 diapers collected.  Their goal is to have reached the 1200 diapers by the end of September.

For more info on where to send your diaper donations, what they do and do not accept, and how to obtain a receipt for tax purposes please visit the Dozens Diaper Drive website.

Can't afford to send in your diapers?  Visit the Cloth Diaper Foundation Website and see if there's a drop-off location near you where you can turn in your diapers.  The drop-off sponsor is responsible for sending in the donated diapers.

Don't have any diapers to send?  Monetary donations are also very helpful.  Click HERE to make a monetary donation.

Sponsorship:  For each 60 diapers donated, one recipient's package will be sponsored (no shipping costs to them), and an additional 6 diapers will be sent to the sponsored recipient. If you believe we can exceed this goal, and you would like to participate as a sponsor, please click here.

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