Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Yummiest Cloth Wipe Solution!

Do you use cloth wipes? Well you should! They make perfect sense when used with cloth diapers. No more having to separate your dirty wipes to throw in the grabage while your cloth diapers go in the laundry. With cloth wipes you simply toss them in with your diapers and voila! It's that simple.

Sammy's Wipe Beans are the perfect cloth wipe solution. Available in a ton of yummy scents you're sure to find some of your favorites. Each wipe bean yields 1 cup of wipe solution.

Directions: Simply dissolve 1 wipe bean in 1 cup of hot water, let cool and use!

Sammy's Wipe Beans are 100% natural, made with natural glycerin base, natural vegetable oils, purified water, and premium essential oils. No animal testing or animal products are used in the making of this product.

Each wipe bean order is custom made and ships within 1-3 days.

Available in Small or Large bags. To order Click here.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Winner of Pimp Your Stash Holiday Edition is....Jes!

Congratulations Jes, Comment #104! She is the winner of Pimp Your Stash Holiday Edition! She's got a little bun in the oven so she'll for sure be needing this great supply of cloth diapers to build her stash. Contact me asap to claim your prize. Happy New Year!

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