Friday, February 26, 2010

Great Cloth Diapering Article at Associated Content!

Today on Twitter I stumbled across a link to this great little article on AC titled Why I Chose to Switch to Cloth Diapers, by Stacey Paule.

It's a quick read but a good one. I think a lot of mamas can relate to the reasoning behind her decision to switch to cloth. Because of the economy and rise in cost of so many necessities more and more families are switching to cloth simply to save money rather than because they're trying to be "green."

Personally my reasons for cloth diapering were originally to save money because the cost of diapering twins is insane. But once I got started it really felt good to know that I was not throwing hundreds of diapers into the landfills and our switch to cloth ended up inspiring us to try other eco-friendly alternatives as well.

Anyhow, if you're over at AC be sure and check out this great little article.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thirsties makes your wish their command! Introducing the Snap Duo Wrap!

The comments and suggestions poured in requesting that Thirsties add a snap option to their popular diaper cover lineup. The result is the New Snap Duo Wrap!

Same awesome features as it's aplix counterpart except for the snapping waist adjustment instead of aplix! Available in all your favorite colors.

Sz 1 fits babes from 6-18lbs
Sz 2 fits babes from 18-40lbs

  • Features and adjustable rise for extended use to suit your growing baby
  • Two sizes will fit from birth to potty
  • Leg gussets provide superior protection against leaks
  • Pliable and breathable in over a dozen fresh colors
  • Pair with basic Prefold Cloth Diapers and save $2000 over disposables!
  • Pair with Thirsties® Fab Fitted Cloth Diapers and save $1000 over disposables!

If you love Thirsties then you've got to try one of the New Snap Duo Wraps! We've placed our order and their on their way! Grab yours today before they're gone! Click HERE to buy now!

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