Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pimp Your Stash Winner #14- Congratulations Jenica!

Congratulations Jenica, Comment #172. We hope you're ready to Pimp Your Stash with a fabulous new Thirsties Pocket AIO Diaper. Contact me ASAP to claim your new diaper!

Want to check out Jenica's Blog? Visit her at and congratulate her on her win!

Friday, November 20, 2009

The Cloth Diaper Geek Explains it all! The 411 on Disposable Liners

Question: I see moms talk about using disposable liners and I wonder what they are? How do they work and why should I give them a try?

The Geek's Answer: Thanks for asking! The term "liner" can be confusing, especially since so many diapers have "lining" which is usually a stay dry fabric like microfleece or suedecloth. But a Disposable Liner is something different all together.

Disposable and/or Biodegradable Flushable Liners consist are dry-weave for comfort, they are soft and much resemble a piece of tissue paper only stronger like a fabric. They allow moisture to pass through into the diaper's absorbent core and they "catch" the solid waste keeping the diaper and it's built in lining from getting really soiled. They make diaper laundry much easier and shaking the poo into the toilet is as easy as grabbing the liner and pulling it off, the poo and all, and throwing into the toilet. Flush...and tada! That's all there is to it.

Since they are 100% Biodegradable you don't have to worry about throwing them in the garbage, they can be safely flushed away with the waste, just like toilet paper.

How do you use it? Each sheet is approximately 9" x 14" and comes in a roll. You simply tear off a sheet and lay it in the diaper before fastening the diaper on the baby. There are 100 sheets per roll and for smaller babies you can even cut each sheet in half and get twice the amount of sheets per roll!

Want to try some? The first 20 people to request a sample, by posting their request in a comment to this post, will receive 5 FREE sheets/liners to try. Please make sure to leave a method of contacting you for your shipping details.

**Thanks to all who responded. The FREE Samples are now all spoken for.**

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

20% OFF Econobum Singles & Kits! An unheard of SALE!

If you know BumGenius then you know that they very rarely authorize sales below the MSRP. And they pretty much NEVER authorize sales of 20% OFF! So this Pre-Black Friday Sale is no joke! Save 20% off the Econobum Single or Full Kit! Check it out today while supplies last!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Just Julie: Remembering my very first cloth diapers!

Cloth diapering is one of those things, now a huge part of my life and lifestlyle, but not something that I ever knew that I'd like or even thought to research. When my twin sons were born my daughter was about 3.5 years old and finally potty trained. I had never used cloth on her, never considered it, no one ever recommended it, only the older women my mother and grandmothers age would joke about it. Even they had no idea what cloth was like nowadays and they REALLY were joking when they'd discuss cloth and what it was like for them.

Having twins meant that people were super excited for us. I was given a wonderful baby shower and gifted tons of disposable diapers. My husband works for the Fire Department and ALL the guys at his work pitched in money and bought us diapers. He came home one day with, no kidding, maybe six garbage bags filled with packages of disposable diapers. We had them in the first few sizes and enough to last for months and months. Five months to be exact...

Making it to 4-5 months of age without ever having to spend a dime on diapers was a huge blessing but I still couldn't get over how quickly we had gone through what seemed like thousands of diapers.

One day I told my husband that they were starting to get low, down to the last couple packs that would fit them. We were both worried about what we'd do. Since the boys birth I had been participating on a Moms of Multiples Message Board online for support and there were a handful of moms there who used cloth diapers. I saw them in their photos and was curious but up until this point really had never considered asking them about them.

Well as most of you know, cloth diapering mamas love to talk about cloth! So when I asked one of my online friends about her diapers and how they worked she was super excited to help me get started. She explained all the different kinds and also happened to have a HUGE personal stash for her twin daughters. In fact, she had some she was selling used online so she offered me a deal so that I could give them a try.

I don't remember exactly, I think I got 5 diapers total; a Medium Fuzzi Bunz, a couple Mommy's Touch OneSize, and a couple Wonderworks OneSize from her, she also sent them with some used micro inserts. These were cared for nicely but after having given brand new diapers a try I can look back and realize just how worn in they were.

I remember tearing open the package when they came in the mail and washing them right away so that I could try them. Putting them on the boys only to have them pee in them almost immediately so I had to change into the next one. Then within about 3 hours, between poops and pees, I ran plum out of cloth diapers!

Dang! I thought. Then I toook them back into the laundry room and washed them again. By betime I had pretty much gone through those 5 diapers AGAIN! The rest is history, I was totally addicted. I knew I couldn't be doing diaper laundry 5 times a day just so they could wear cloth, so hubby gave me a budget and I purchased some more diapers little by little until I had enough to get us though about 24-36 hours before having to wash.

It really was NO time at all before I was obsessed with them and decided that is what I wanted to do, start a business and sell cloth diapers online. I sit at 7am in the morning writing about cloth diapers when I should be getting my daughter up for school!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Another Great Article: The ABC's of Going Cloth has got some fabulous articles that I think you should check out. One such article is The ABC's of Going Cloth by Elizabeth Gawlik. In her article Elizabeth goes over, in detail, the different reasons why she chose to use cloth and she goes on to explain ALL the different kinds of diapers available.

Elizabeth states
When I decided to use cloth diapers, I had no idea how many choices were out there. I just went to the largest baby store in town and looked at the few options they had. Only later did I discover the smorgasbord of clothdiapering products available via the Internet.

She defines Contours, Pre-folds, Fitteds, AIO's, Pocket Diapers, Swim Diapers, Training Pants as well as ll the various types of cloth diaper covers available on the market today.

Now that you’ve been introduced to the world of cloth diapers, what’s stopping you? Go do some exploring and shopping. Even if you decide to use cloth only at home and stick with disposables for trips and outings, you’ll be doing your pocketbook, your baby, and your planet a big favor.

I suggest you head on over to Mothering and check out this great article. It's a quick read and when you're done you'll feel armed with all the knowledge you need to get started with cloth diapers asap!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Fluff in the Spotlight: A Farewell to Thirstie's Pocket All-In-One!

This week's Spotlight is on the recently discontinued Thirsties Pocket AIO. Diapers come and go, and for some their time in the limelight is short. With the upcoming release of Thirsties New Duo Diaper comes the retirement of the Pocket AIO.

It's design is not being retired for any reason other than the "out with the old, in with the new" scenario.

What's this mean? If Thirsties is willing to discontinue their popular Pocket AIO in order to promote their new diaper then this means the New Duo Diaper must be fabulous! Keep your eye's peeled for it's release this fall.

The Good News...The Thirsites Pocket AIO is on CLEARANCE! Regularly $17.00 each, Now on Clearance 3 for $39.00!! This means you save $12.00 off the regular retail price! Inventory is going fast so make sure you grab yours up today at this great price!

Features of the Pocket AIO:
  • Leg gussets provide maximum leak protection
  • Custom milled microfleece stay dry liner
  • Built in microterry absorbent core
  • Pocket Opening for extra stuffing if needed
  • Available in XS, SM, MED, LG
  • Made in the USA

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pimp Your Stash #14-CLOSED

ThisPhotobucket week's Pimp Your Stash Winner will receive a Thirsties Pocket All-In-One in the size of their choice!

This weeks mandatory question for your first entry is "If you stuffed your Thirsties Pocket AIO, what would you stuff it with?"

Guidelines for Entry
-In order to participate in our weekly contest and validate all extra entries you must first answer the weekly question.

-Please, be sure to be logged into your email account when you post your comment for us to be able to contact you if you win (that is with the option called OpenID). If you have a blog, be sure to be logged into the account linked to your blog for an easier way to contact you....

-Each contest runs from Sunday 12am to Friday 9pm.

-Winners are chosen using, notified on Saturdays and winners name also posted on Blog.

-Winners have 7 days from contest end to claim their prize.

-Participation is open to mamas and papas worldwide! Anyone and everyone is welcome to join in the fun, however we are not responsible for lost packages and prizes that do not reach their destination will not be replaced.

-How to earn extra entries:
* Tell us whether you already use Pocket AIO's and which ones you have?
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Good Luck!!

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