Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Just Julie: Remembering my very first cloth diapers!

Cloth diapering is one of those things, now a huge part of my life and lifestlyle, but not something that I ever knew that I'd like or even thought to research. When my twin sons were born my daughter was about 3.5 years old and finally potty trained. I had never used cloth on her, never considered it, no one ever recommended it, only the older women my mother and grandmothers age would joke about it. Even they had no idea what cloth was like nowadays and they REALLY were joking when they'd discuss cloth and what it was like for them.

Having twins meant that people were super excited for us. I was given a wonderful baby shower and gifted tons of disposable diapers. My husband works for the Fire Department and ALL the guys at his work pitched in money and bought us diapers. He came home one day with, no kidding, maybe six garbage bags filled with packages of disposable diapers. We had them in the first few sizes and enough to last for months and months. Five months to be exact...

Making it to 4-5 months of age without ever having to spend a dime on diapers was a huge blessing but I still couldn't get over how quickly we had gone through what seemed like thousands of diapers.

One day I told my husband that they were starting to get low, down to the last couple packs that would fit them. We were both worried about what we'd do. Since the boys birth I had been participating on a Moms of Multiples Message Board online for support and there were a handful of moms there who used cloth diapers. I saw them in their photos and was curious but up until this point really had never considered asking them about them.

Well as most of you know, cloth diapering mamas love to talk about cloth! So when I asked one of my online friends about her diapers and how they worked she was super excited to help me get started. She explained all the different kinds and also happened to have a HUGE personal stash for her twin daughters. In fact, she had some she was selling used online so she offered me a deal so that I could give them a try.

I don't remember exactly, I think I got 5 diapers total; a Medium Fuzzi Bunz, a couple Mommy's Touch OneSize, and a couple Wonderworks OneSize from her, she also sent them with some used micro inserts. These were cared for nicely but after having given brand new diapers a try I can look back and realize just how worn in they were.

I remember tearing open the package when they came in the mail and washing them right away so that I could try them. Putting them on the boys only to have them pee in them almost immediately so I had to change into the next one. Then within about 3 hours, between poops and pees, I ran plum out of cloth diapers!

Dang! I thought. Then I toook them back into the laundry room and washed them again. By betime I had pretty much gone through those 5 diapers AGAIN! The rest is history, I was totally addicted. I knew I couldn't be doing diaper laundry 5 times a day just so they could wear cloth, so hubby gave me a budget and I purchased some more diapers little by little until I had enough to get us though about 24-36 hours before having to wash.

It really was NO time at all before I was obsessed with them and decided that is what I wanted to do, start a business and sell cloth diapers online. I sit at 7am in the morning writing about cloth diapers when I should be getting my daughter up for school!


lsnellings said...

My mother tried to convince me to "go cloth" when I was pregnant with my oldest. I wish I had take her advice then! Once I did finally start researching cloth diapers I quickly became hooked! And surprisingly, the diapers I love the most are the ones my mom used: prefolds!

Cascia Talbert said...

Great story! I would love to switch to cloth, but I just am not ready to invest a huge chunk of money for that right now.

Anonymous said...

When I was preggies with my son I was researching breastfeeding, I wanted to do everything "right". I even met with LCs & went to classes where other mothers were having BFing problems so that I could learn from their experiences & the LCs there. I read books on BFing & all.

One day reading a mag, I was thinking how awesome it would be if I could CD. I didn't know about the new ones & didn't know you could buy them. The only thing I found was an advert in that mommy mags for a rental service, Well it was way too much for us so I never thought of it again.

Skip a few years forward my son is 3, we have a 1yr old & their both in sposies (ouch!)I started to think of ways to better manage our $ & started looking into CDs again. I found a WAHM who made me a "sampler" 1 AIO, 1 pocket, 1 fitted & 1 PUL cover. I fell in love but hated washing everytime she was done with 1 diaper just so that I had for the day.

We bought 24 more from that WAHM but there were problems & she wans't able to send them to us. I ended up on Diaperswappers & bought 3 FBs with no inserts for $12 & she sent me a free GAD (no insert), then I bought 6 BlueBerries NEW from DS for &60 which included microfiber/hemp inserts. Then the WAHM was able to send us 10 of the 24 & now we have our stash.

Attila & Tamara said...

Isn't it crazy how FAST we can become "addicted to cloth"? I know my husband thinks I'm crazy. We are also starting out with a small stash. I bought 6 and now we've won a few more including a Rocky Mountain we won from here that I LOVE! Thank you!

Jill said...

We were really well set up for clothes, due to circumstances beyond our control, we didn't get our cloth diapers ordered before baby arrived, then we had 'help' with our laundry and every speck of clothing got washed!Some of it barely got worn, and we probably would have traded some of it in for the diapers. Now we have our stash built, though, so no harm done!

Ryan, Corrie, Max, and Jack said...

You are SO right about CD mamas loving to talk about "their" diapers!! They're just so much fun to talk about, and we never run out of stuff to say!! I swear, some CD companies (heck, ALL CD companies) should be paying US to use their diapers!


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