Wednesday, July 27, 2011

There will always be regrets...Do all, see all, be all, cherish all.

Guest post republished from the Cloth Diaper Geek Blog

I know, it's not good or healthy to have regrets in life, but surely it's natural to reflect upon things you wish you'd done differently or more often.

Maybe it's more common to regret things that you know you can't do-over or will not get the opportunity to do again?  For example, I'm done having kids and I didn't get into cloth diapering until I had my sons.  So I never used cloth diapers on my daughter.  Family photos and albums are filled to the brim with her wearing her ugly disposable diapers, ugh.

And babywearing, well I wish I'd done more and known more.  There are so many cool carriers and styles.  Sometimes you just stick with what you know, I wish I'd branched out more and done more research.  With my twins, I honestly had no clue you could babywear with two so I practically wore either of them unless someone was with me like my husband or mother who could wear one while I wore the other.

You can't go back in time and you sure can't beat yourself up over things.  "If you knew better you would have done better," isn't that how the saying goes?

All these silly little thoughts, I guess they are sort of regrets, are probably the reason I had baby fever, bad, a couple weeks ago.  My irrational mind, and perhaps the minds of others, think of a new baby as a new chance.  Now I can cloth diaper again, now I can babywear, have a homebirth, take more photos, cherish them while they're little more than I did before, because now I know how fast time can fly by and how you can't get it back.

My husband is "snipped" so my baby fever was in vain. If we were able to conceive I probably would have been crazy enough to try and convince him.  But the above regrets should not be the reasons to have another child, and I knew that.

Certainly there are some who have regrets over more serious issues than cloth diapering and babywearing, but who am I to judge what is and isn't a valid regret.  So I'm sharing this brief little story with you to remind you to do all, be all, see all, and cherish all.

They're only little once. 

Julie, The Cloth Diaper Geek

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