Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pimp Your Stash Winner #10 - DieselMonkey

There is not much on this family's blog but enough to see how nice they seem to be... I do hope they are posting more very soon, especially about their brand new diapers!!!!

Monkey Diesel's mom: Congratulations, and please contact us ASAP so we can get your winnings out to you ASAP! :)

Friday, October 23, 2009

New! Blog Contribution incentives, get rewarded for your submissions.

Well you know how much I love receiving your Blog Submissions and I know how much you all love earning prizes and rewards, so what better thought than to reward you for your contributions to the Diaper Discussions Blog!

How will it work? Each month one contributor from that month will be chosen to receive a $20.00 Gift Certificate to Earth Angels Diaper Co. Contributions will be evaluated on content, creativity, inclusion of photos, unique topics covered, and more!

Have writers block? Here are some ideas to help inspire possible contributions.
  • Photo Tutorials of your favorite folding technique
  • How to Video's or Slideshows
  • Washing Tips or Techniques
  • Product Reviews
  • Tips and Tricks for Cloth Diapering
  • Cloth vs. Disposables
  • How you got started with cloth
  • Cloth Diapers in Daycare
  • Traveling with cloth
  • Cloth Wipes
  • Stripping Diapers
  • Funny cloth related stories & bloopers
  • Storing your stash
  • Wet Pail or Dry Pail
  • & more!
PhotobucketHave any questions? Feel free to contact me. Have a contribution? Use our nifty Blog Contribution form and submit your articles today!

Do you want the chance to show off this cute award on your blog?? Start writing and send your contribution(s) TODAY for a chance to win!! The more contributions you send, the more chances you have to win!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Why You Should Use Cloth

I have recently been helping one of my friends get started with cloth diapers. It has been a lot of fun and reminded me why I started using cloth diapers in the first place. It also reminded me why getting fluffy mail is so much fun. :)

Cloth diapers are cute. There is nothing sweeter than a little bum in a cloth diaper.

Cloth diapers are expensive . . . up front. I have not had to purchase any more diapers since and have saved a lot of money that way. Not having to purchase diapers means being able to spend that money somewhere else. Maybe something for mommy?!

Cloth diapers are better for the environment. I feel better about cloth because I don't have that extra garbage to throw out everyday & I know that I am not contributing soiled diapers to an already overflowing landfill.

There are a lot of people who love cloth diapers and I have met many new friends this way! I haven't met anyone crazy about disposables. :)

My baby hasn't had a rash since we switched to cloth. This was a great positive for cloth diapers for me because my little guy - in the short time we used disposables - had a terrible rash that wouldn't go away.

So, between, saving money, the environment, having fewer or no rash problems, meeting new people, and seeing such cute fluff every day, who wouldn't want to do cloth?!

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Just Julie: Homemade Halloween costumes! UPDATE

Whew! We're done. After a last minute decision to attend our local zoo's Boo at the Zoo event last Friday, I realized I had exactly 2 days to purchase the fabric and sew 1 Lava Girl & 2 Shark Boy costumes. I still had no real idea how I was going to do it but the fabric did lend itself to a little inspiration.

For Lava Girl I was most drawn to the pink vinyl and sparkly fabrics, sequins, etc. For the Shark Boys I found a snakeskin that I thought might double as sharkskin. All in all I ruined one whole pink skirt, that's not uncommon when you try and cut a skirt pattern out of your head without taking any measurements or anything. It was way too small and was totally not cut right. Even the skirt that I ended up using still didn't quite fit right, but the Lava Girl belt covers up the imperfections.

For the Shark Boys I was at a loss, I couldn't for the life of me figure out how I was going to make them look like sharks. I made the shorts first, then the arm cuffs, then the vests. It was at the last minute that I realized I had some super strength aplix that I had bought to make diapers and it worked perfectly for attaching the shark fins to their backs. Although, after having worn them to one event the shark fins already need to be replaced with new ones, they took quite a beating...

Maybe I just work best under pressure, who knows!? Just thought I'd update you all on how they turned out. Anyone else working on their costumes yet?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Cloth Diaper Geek Explains it all! All about Tea Tree Oil

Welcome to another edition of The Cloth Diaper Geek Explains it all! Each week we focus on frequently asked questions and issues concerning all things cloth diaper related. If you've got a question for the Geek, simply use our Blog Contribution form and we'll be happy to troubleshoot for you and answer your questions.

This week the Geek will focus on your questions regarding the use of Tea Tree oil.

Question: What is Tea Tree oil?

The Geeks Answer: Tea Tree oil, aka Melaleuca oil, is an essential oil taken from the leaves of the Melaleuca alternifolia tree, native to Australia. This oil has naturally occurring antiseptic, antifungal and antibacterial properties. It is most commonly used diluted. It can cause skin irritation even after dilution. Testing for allergies or skin sensitivities is recommended before use.

Tea Tree is also commonly used to treat acne, skin infection, athlete's foot and head lice among many other things.

Question: Does Tea Tree work for washing diapers and killing bacteria? If so, how?

The Geeks Answer: Honestly, in my research I've found that the recommended amount needed to definitevley kill bacteria in laundry would be more than I would recommend using on cloth diapers. Unlike regular laundry, it is important that the oil does not build up on your diapers and cause them to repel. For this reason it is not recommended that you use more than 1-2 drops of Tea Tree oil in your wash or in your wet pail.

Also, due to the fact that Tea Tree oil is naturally a very potent oil, even when diluted, adding more than 1-2 drops to you diaper laundry could very well cause skin sensitivies and rash issues with your baby.

Even though you may not be able to rely on 1-2 drops of the oil to rid you of your bacterial problems, you can count on it to help mask and neutralize odors and keep them smelling fresh and soft.

My best advice is to experiement with the use of Tea Tree for your diapers. Start with 1-2 drops and increase if needed making sure that your diapers aren't getting oil build up and that your babe's bum is still rash free.

*Another important note...In researching this topic I did come across those who beleive that the use of Tea Tree, due to it's antibacterial properties, could contribute to the evolution of "superbugs," antibacterial resistant microorganisms. They belive that the use of low-dose Tea Tree that is not stong enough to kill bad microbes acutally toughen their defenses making them stronger and more resistant.

Likewise, I found information disputing the above claims.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Fluff in the Spotlight: Tweedle Bugs OneSize Diapers

Bzz Bzz! This week we're featuring Tweedle Bugs One-Size Pocket Diapers! Tweedle Bugs are one of the most affordable one-size cloth diapers on the market. Each diaper is only $12.95 and comes with one insert and one doubler!

Like most one-size diapers, Tweedle Bugs fit babies and toddlers from approximately 7-35lbs.

They also feature:

  • Insert opening in front & rear of diaper (Minky Moo only has back opening)
  • Exterior is waterproof PUL
  • Interior is soft microfleece (Minky Moo interior is suedecloth)
  • Double row of adjustable snaps
  • Newborn, Crawler & Toddler settings
  • Available in one minky print Minky Moo
Try one today and see just how affordable cloth diapering can be!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pimp Your Stash #10 - Ends Friday 10-23 (2 Tweedle Bugs OneSize Diapers) *** CLOSED ***

This weeks Pimp Your Stash winner will receive a TWO Tweedle Bugs OneSize Diapers! This weeks question is "What size setting would you need to use the Tweedle Bug diapers?"

Guidelines for Entry
-In order to participate in our weekly contest and validate all extra entries you must first answer the weekly question.

-Please, be sure to be logged into your email account when you post your comment for us to be able to contact you if you win (that is with the option called OpenID). If you have a blog, be sure to be logged into the account linked to your blog for an easier way to contact you....

-Each contest runs from Sunday 12am to Friday 9pm.

-Winners are chosen using, notified on Saturdays and winners name also posted on Blog.

-Winners have 7 days from contest end to claim their prize.

-Participation is open to mamas and papas worldwide! Anyone and everyone is welcome to join in the fun, however we are not responsible for lost packages and prizes that do not reach their destination will not be replaced.

-How to earn extra entries:
* Tell us which color or print of Tweedle Bugs is your favorite?
* Become a FAN of Earth Angels Diaper Co. on FaceBook
* Join our Yahoo/Newsletter Group
* Join DD on Flickr & add photos! 1 entry for each photo, up to 5 per week.
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--- Please post a separate comment for each extra entry and let us know which you've chosen to do in that comment ---

Good Luck!!

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