Thursday, August 9, 2007

Thinking of Switching to Cloth?

I have a 17 month old who I want to switch to cloth diapers, but my husband is saying they are so pricey. What do you suggest? I’m afraid to buy them and then they leak because I’ll get an I told you so. Now we wasted money on cloth and still have to buy disposables, etc. I was looking at possibly getting the just the basics pre-folds and covers for him. Do those work pretty good? He is a heavy wetter at night time so that is the only concern I have.

As far as your 17month old goes, I would recommend buying one or two diapers or pre-folds and covers, and see what style or brand you prefer before making a large investment on any one kind. You can tell your husband that cloth diapers can be re-sold used when your done with them, and as long as they're in good condition you can re-coup around 80% of what you spent on them. It really is amazing.

Pre-folds are nice because they are the most affordable. The cover usually stays clean and you can just replace the wet pre-fold with a dry one. The pre-fold would need to be changed more frequently than a pocket diaper or all-in-one because they just don't hold as much liquid as microfiber. If you were to only use that method I'd say you'd need about 2 dozen pre-folds & 6-8 covers, laundry would need to be done every other day. I use pre-folds at home during the day and pocket or all-in-one's when we're out or for overnight.



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