Thursday, August 9, 2007

Don't Hate Me Because I'm Fluffy

Welcome to Diaper Discussions. The reason I have created this Blog is because many new and existing moms who are giving cloth diapers a try or are interested in them feel overwhelmed by all the options, terminology, fabrics, and choices in general when it comes to learning about cloth. Having been new to cloth myself once, I realize that it's sometimes even hard to put into words how overwhelming cloth diapers are and form the questions you need to ask in order to help you make decisions about what to do.
So, I hope this Blog will serve as an archive of all my customers diapering dilemmas and the dialog between us. I will also post other useful information as I come across it and links to other helpful diapering sites. Questions and comments are always welcome.


Attila & Tamara said...

I really appreciate your blog. I have learned a ton and it is a great resource to come to when I have a questions. giveaways!


heartonfire412 said...

I'm seriously almost done reading EVERY SINGLE BLOG!!! I am expecting for the first time and am only 5 weeks along when I stumbled onto this website that you have through Swagbucks (I am a penny saver so I try every way to get the savings) I am definitely going to use cloth when my little one(s) come along!! I never even would have thought to. I was just in CVS today telling my husband how I can use coupons and savings to buy diapers that are disposables, but the money spent is just too much to think about!

Thank you for your blogs! I too get into that funk that you were talking about when you can't get anything done and I think it's because I am constantly looking at the bigger picture when I need to be looking at the smaller details (like sending out the thank you cards from my wedding AND bridal shower almost a year ago now) Just think I will be sending out thank you's soon for the baby shower...I need to get my butt into gear and I think this pregnancy has helped get that ball rolling a bit!


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