Monday, August 17, 2009

Fluff in the Spotlight: Side-Snapping Diapers

PhotobucketI thought that an introduction to side-snapping diapers, the benefits, styles, brands, etc. would be a great idea and would complement the KnickerNappies OS Diaper Giveaway nicely.

If you're anything like me, when you're first shopping for cloth diapers you are looking at diapers that look and work the most like disposables, that is with the velcro fastening system in the front. Some of my verys first diapers were DryBee's pockets, they served me well and it was quite some time before I actually bought and tried my first side-snapping diapers.

At first glance side-snapping diapers might look tricky to use or hard to fasten on a squirming baby, I assure you they are not. In fact there are a lot of benefits to side-snapping diapers that you might not know about.
  • They are HIGHLY adjustable, top and bottom snaps, usually with a minimum of 4 settings give these diapers as close to a perfect fit as you can imagine.
  • While most children have aplix and front snapping diapers all figured out sooner than later, side-snaps seem to confuse babies and toddlers, making it harder for them to undo and take off completely at the most inopportune times. (We've all been there, baby takes poopy diaper off hands it to you and it's too late, you have a huge mess to clean up!)
  • A solid layer of PUL across the tummy is perfect for tummy sleeping babies. Some diapers have a tendency to wick through the stitching around the aplix, with side-snapping diapers there is no such problem.
Did you know that there are even side-snapping one-size diapers now? KnickerNappies just released their New OS KnickerNappies Pocket Diaper! This fabulous diaper gives you all the benefits of side-snapping diapers as well as the face that it is capable of fitting from birth to potty training, 8-40lbs! It is available with two sizes microfiber inserts or with two LoopyDo inserts, the #1 Rated Insert on DiaperPin!

Do you love side-snapping diapers? Green Acre Designs, KnickerNappies, something else? Show your love by posting your comments and questions below.


Danielle said...

Very informative post. I think this will be the next type of diaper I try. Thanks!

Erin said...

I would love to try these... hope i'm coordinated enough to do the side-snap thing! :)

3LittleFlowers said...

I havent try them yet, but Im dying to!! :) I honestly think it will be more difficult for my daughter to undo.. She is a pro undoing velcro AND snaps!!

Michelle - Blessed Mom of 5 said...

I have a Knickernappies and I love the side snaps! I also just got a GAD and can't wait to try it after I get it prepped. I think side snaps are now my favorite type of closure!

Gigi said...

I have a tiny, pink Knickernappies and it is adorable. It fits on my daughter's dolls. I can't wait to try it on my new baby.

Tamara said...

Wow! I think the layer of PUL in the front would be great for my little girl who sleeps on her tummy and almost always leaks at night. Can't wait to try one.


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