Friday, August 21, 2009

Meet the Diaper Discussions GEEK Squad!

Hi! I am Julie, The Cloth Diaper Geek, and the Owner of Earth Angels Diaper Co. & this Blog. I am located in sunny Central Florida near where the Space Shuttle launches, locally known as the Space Coast. I am an only child and longtime Florida resident. My husband is a local FireFighter/Paramedic and we have three kids, Guinnevere age 6, Mason & Spencer (identical twins) who are almost 3 yrs old.

When I am not working on my website or blog you can find me online, shopping the FSOT boards, surfing the web and chatting with my wahm friends and customers online. I just love being a part of the cloth diapering community and can't seem to get enough of it. I am also very happy that my little wahm business in turn helps support other wahm's businesses.

In "real life" (LOL) I love going to the beach with the family, yard sales, thrift stores, freecycling and am a very thrifty mama who LOVES finding great deals on cool junk. I also enjoy butterfly gardening and have a pretty healthy little butterfly habitat in my side yard. The kids and I enjoy the flowers and watching the caterpillars turn into butterflies.

You might be wondering what's up with being the Cloth Diaper Geek? Well through trial and error and through lots and lots of customer interactions I have acquired quite a bit of knowledge in regards to cloth diapering. Though I would have never imagined it, I can talk talk talk about cloth diapers until I am blue in the face and I quite enjoy it. At first glance you might not know that I am a Cloth Diaper Geek but get me started on the subject and my alter ego comes out giddy and eager to talk about everything cd related.

Thanks to Anelys, another geeky cloth diapering mama, we've decided to introduce The Cloth Diaper Geek Explains it all. A weekly post where you name it and we'll answer it. There's no question to far out, too embarrassing or too hard for us to handle. Give us your best questions and we'll be sure to answer them.


Anonymous said...

You have a very nice family.
I am also a mom of 3..
I am a sale and thriffy mom.

Julie said...

Thanks! It's always an adventure to me. Having been an only child who begged for siblings to now being a super busy soccer mom-type with all sorts of sibling issues to deal with among the kids.

lsnellings said...

I am a Florida mom of 3 too! I can't wait to learn more about cding from the geek squad! (funny name btw!)

Julie said...

Thanks Lauren! We thought it was cute and memorable. Look forward to your comments and questions!

3LittleFlowers said...

Julie: Im also very happy to be working with you, and I look forward that we make of this blog an AWESOME place of resources for all the parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, and anybody who is around a child in diapers! :)


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