Monday, August 17, 2009

GAD Side Snapping Pocket Diaper Review

Review by Katie

We have four GADs in varying colors and styles, including my favorite one, a princess pink with black fleece and a girly pirate embroidered on the back.

GADs come in a wide range of sizes from small to large, and also includes husky medium and medium long. Violet fits perfectly into a medium long - she has one size medium and while it fits fine, there isn't as much room in it as there is in a medium long. There is a size chart to determine what would best fit your baby.

The color options are never ending. You can buy a custom made diaper in the colors of your choice, and then spice it up even more by adding a cute embroidered design to it.

What do I love about them? They fit like a glove. They are super trim as well. I love the side snaps - less bulk up front and less chance that little hands can figure it out. I love the bamboo velour inners, and I love the fabulous color choices - AND the fact that you can design your own. I love the embroidery designs to choose from! Love, love, love. Just lots to love. They have great inserts that can be up to 4 layers thick in places.

Any cons to this diaper? Well, if you go all out and buy a custom made embroidered diaper, it's pretty expensive. And, since they are sized diapers they will not last all the way until potty training time.

Overall, would I recommend them? YES! Most definitely!


Coccinelle said...

I love the fact that you can choose a color inner layer!

I mean what diaper will have stains with a black inner layer???


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