Friday, September 4, 2009

Try your favorite cloth diapers, Risk Free!

A great new Trial Program just launched. Try Cloth Diapers One at a Time is a great new alternative to buying diapers! Now you can try all the latest and greatest and you're not committed to keep them if you decide you're not crazy about them.

The program is simple, you purchase your spot in the program by paying $19.95. This price includes the cost to ship your first trial diaper to you. You choose from the list of available brands/styles, evaluate and use the diaper for 2 weeks, and then send it back to Earth Angels Diaper Co. You will then be contacted for your next trial diaper which is sent to you free of charge.

Should you decide you'd like to keep one of the diapers you are trying you will receive a $5.00 refund as well as a $5.00 off coupon to use towards your next order! When you're done trying diapers and have returned your last diaper, you may then drop out of the program. You will receive a refund for all but $10.00 of the original fee paid to join as well as issued a $5.00 coupon to use towards a future order!

For more details and answers to Frequently Asked Questions about this trial program please click HERE.


hosiewosie said...

So if you want to keep the diaper you get $5 back and then a $5 voucher but if you want to keep testing you pay $19.95 again (minus the $5 voucher)?

And if you keep your first diaper it works out to you paying $14.95 for it (let's say you never cash in the $5 voucher)?

Sounds good.

Julie said...

Sorry if it's not clear enough, maybe I should work on re-wording it. You only pay the 19.95 once and then you pay to send back the diaper when you're 2 weeks is up, then you are sent a new one to try, you do not have to re-pay or re-sign up each time. So, for example you could end up trying 6 diapers and decide you want to keep the 6th one. You would then be refunded $5.00 and given a voucher for $5.00.

Julie said...

And, if you ended up wanting to keep the 1st diaper then you'd be refunded $5.00 and given a voucher for $5.00. So you are correct on that.

Maeus said...

This is such an incredible deal! Baby #2 is due this winter, and I would love to be able to test out a diaper or two before paying a lot of money for something that doesn't work. I already have my eyes on the Duo Wrap with a Fab Fitted to test first! Thanks for offering this option!


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