Friday, September 11, 2009

Thirsties Diaper Cover Review

I started using cloth diapers when my first daughter was 8 months old. I love everything about cloth diapers so when I found myself pregnant with my second daughter, I knew what I had to Julie! She is my good friend who knows just about everything there is to know about the cloth diapers.

With my first daughter, I was all about pocket diapers and all-in-one's, and this time around, it wasn't an option. I needed something less expensive, since I would be changing her a million times a day. So after many, many emails back and forth to Julie, I settled on prefolds and covers. Julie recommended that I try a Thirsties cover, so of course I did and I can not say enough good things about these covers! They fit great and will pretty much work with anything. I have used them with prefolds (of course), hemp stuffins and a few different inserts. Heck I even tried them with a gDiaper insert. They worked great with all of them, no leaks at all, and to me that's very important! Being able to use the gDiaper insert with the Thirsties Cover is great because I am looking for something to use on a trip to the mountains, without having to lug my stash up there with me. Thirsties work great, are way cheaper then the gDiaper covers, and if a little bit of " you know what gets on them, it wipes right off! I can honestly say that I love these covers and would highly recommend them to anyone.

Shared by Erin V.
Mommy to Gracie & Lily


Christina's Cookies said...

I have never tried the sized covers but I adore my one Duo Wrap! I put it over unbleached Indian prefolds and it works GREAT!

Crissy said...

I have not used Thirsties yet BUT like you did in the beginning, I'll all about the pockets, OS, and AIOs.

Anonymous said...

what a cutie! i love how her diaper matches the chair!

sleepissweet said...

I'm glad to hear the gdiapers inserts work with Thirsties! We use them all the time with prefolds or flats, but we've got a trip to the beach coming up, and I was wondering what to do. Thanks for the great tip!

hosiewosie said...

So pretty in pink! I've used the Duo and the sized Thirsties covers and would go Duos all the way if you're considering which to buy, it saves money in the long run!


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