Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Cloth Diaper Geek Explains it all! Thirsties Edition

This week, in honor of our fabulous Pimp Your Stash sponsor, Thirsties, the Cloth Diaper Geek will focus on some frequently asked questions regarding your favorite Thirsties products. Here, every Tuesday, at Diaper Discussions you'll find answers to reader submitted questions. No question is too big or small for The Cloth Diaper Geek! Post your questions as comments or feel free to use our Reader Contribution Form to submit your question.

Question: I've heard you aren't supposed to tuck your prefolds under the flap in the front of the Thirsties Covers, is this true? If so, why not?

The Geek's Answer: Although at first it might appear that the flap is there to hold your prefold in place, it is actually there to serve as a barrier. One of the most common areas on a diaper for leaks/wicking is through the stitching on the tummy that secures the aplix/velcro to the diaper. Thirsties "flap" is there to provide the extra protection you need to keep baby comfortable and dry longer. Placing your prefold in the flap would cancel out the benefit of having a barrier and would cause premature wicking.

Question: I've heard that fluffing my Thirsties covers/diapers on high heat is recommended to seal the PUL. What does this mean?

The Geek's Answer: It's not unusual for new diapers to need to be washed, or at the very least dried before there first use. Since needles are used in the sewing/manufacturing process tiny holes are made in the waterproof fabric known as PUL. A full cycle in the dryer helps reseal the PUL, essentially shrinking it around the thread sewn into the product, reducing the impact these tiny holes can create

Question: My baby has a latex allergy, is it safe for me to use Thirsties products on him?

The Geek's Answer: Absolutely! All Thirsties products are PVC (vinyl), phthalate, lead and latex free!

For more FAQ questions and answers regarding Thirsites products please click HERE.


Crissy said...

I've been looking at trying Thirsties products, I'm glad this post was created. I love the colors they have and I'd really like to try the AIO v2 soon. It's on "the list" to get.

Kris said...

I absolutely love our Thirsties covers... They've held up better than any other we've tried.


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