Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Comparing the fit of the sized Thirsties Cover vs. the Duo Wrap

I’ve been using Thirsties covers on my baby for the last six months, and I love the way the leg gussets help contain leaks. They really make cloth diapering with prefolds and flats just about as easy as using all-in-ones. Since, like most cloth diapering mamas, I love to save money on cloth diapers, I was especially excited to see the new Duo Wraps. (I only wish they had come out with these earlier this year, since my baby outgrew the extra smalls in less than two months!) Although the weight range for the Thirsties Duo Wrap Size 2 is the same as the regular Thirsties medium and large, the Duo Wraps are trimmer and the fit is a little bit different. At almost 6 months and 17 pounds, my chunky monkey can still fit the size small Thirsties covers, and the mediums are a bit big in the legs, even with the tabs overlapping all the way.

The new Thirsties Duo Wrap Size 2, however, fits just fine already with the snaps on the smallest rise setting, so it’s a great choice for babies who are “in between” a small and a medium, and it can grow along with them! For now, we still use a small Thirsties cover during the day for a trim fit over a birdseye flat or infant size prefold, and the new Duo Wrap over a standard prefold with a preemie prefold as a doubler at night. These photos show a size small Thirsties cover in white, a size medium Thirsties cover in baby blue, and the new Thirsties Duo Wrap Size 2 in ocean blue, all over the same birdseye flat with a Snappi.

Contributed by Christy


Crissy said...

I'm really looking forward to trying out the Duo Wrap. I'm always looking for a slim fit but something that is going to fit my chunky legged princess as well.

Anonymous said...

I have my duo wraps, and even though I haven't used them on the new baby yet...I can tell I am going to prefer the duo over the regular thirstie. It just seems to have a better fit overall. (at least on the baby i'm using as a model.)

hosiewosie said...

I love my Duo wrap! I think it is very trim and just great. I only have 1 though!

fourgreenbirds said...

I just got my Duo Wraps also and totally love them! I actually like them better than the regular Thirsties covers. They fit my babe well and hold in messes like no tomorrow! They for sure get a thumbs up in my book. :)

Christina's Cookies said...

I too adore my Duo Wrap! The gussets rock! Can't wait till my hubby gives me the ok to get another! I only have one right now, it is the Ocean color and looks SOOOO nice! My next one will be Meadow!


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