Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Just Julie: Share your cloth diaper related bloopers and/or funny stories!

I was recently reminded of a funny incident that happened back when I was just starting cloth diapering. I had only a handful of diapers to use on my sons and the day they arrived in the mail I knew I needed MORE! LOL

The thought occurred to me that I could "ask" my local freecycling group if anyone had any cloth diapers they weren't using that they'd be willing to part with. I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask and who knows, maybe I'd hit the jackpot.
So I posted to the group and got a response immediately! A woman who was about 45minutes away said she had a whole box of cloth diapers she wasn't using and that I could have them. I was excited, I asked if she knew what kind and she said she didn't know the brands. I was hopeful it was a box of fluffy bumGenius or FuzziBunz so I agreed to take them and make the long drive to get them.

My twins were only about 4-5months old at the time and I had never taken them for more than a 15 minute car ride. The ride went smooth, thankfully, but I soon realized the location was in a very bad part of town, I questioned whether or not I was making the right decision but my addiction to fluff just had to be met and my curiosity was getting the best of me.

I arrived at the mobile home and spotted the box outside in the carport. There were large barking dogs tied up outside which no doubt notified the homes occupants that I had arrived. However, they did not come out to greet me. The dogs chains were just short enough that they couldn't reach the box but were within just a couple feet of it.

I swallowed hard, left the kids in the car, ran up and grabbed the box, threw it in the car next to me and then took off. I got a couple blocks away and pulled over to inspect the boxes contents. There were at least two dozen diapers and an assortment of covers. They looked like they hadn't been used since 1969 and were riddled with holes and covered in dirt, dust and cobwebs. They were completely unusable and the trip proved to be a total waste of time.

I studied the box the entire drive home waiting for a giant roach or tarantula to jump out at me. I felt like a huge idiot for having gotten so excited and was sort of upset the people, who knew I lived almost an hour away, would allow me to drive all the way there for what was obviously garbage.

My husband got a kick out of my little adventure and since then I haven't asked for anything from my freecycling group.

The moral, of course, is that most of the time when things seem to good to be true, they usually are!

Do you have a silly cloth diapering story, a blooper, or something to share? I'd love to hear from you!


Anonymous said...

I understand..I had the same thing happen to me. LOL. It was for toys.
I drove about 30 min into the sticks Very creppy place to get a bag of toys that realy need to go into the trash..Broken and dirty and the where also on the carport area.

nattyrf511 said...

This didn't happen to me (thank God) but happd to a friend of mine when she was a baby.

When she was a baby her mother used the "old school" cloth diapers on her, with pins and all.

Well my friend's mother changed her baby's diaper and her mom tells that for what seemed like hours she (the baby) was crying and crying her mom burped her, fed her, rocked her, bounced her, etc but couldn't figure out why the baby was near hysterics.

Finaly her mother decieded to chang her diaper again turns out she had put the pin straight through the baby's skin had it come out the other side and pinned her to the diaper.


Julie said...

Poor baby! I know that's why so many moms are scared of pins. Thank goodness the Snappi was invented!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the good laugh. Mine isn't near as entertaining, but I was getting ready to leave for work one morning and I thought I smelled poop. I am forever running behind in the mornings and this was no exception. At the time, my son was an infant and we only had prefolds, so it wasn't like it would be a super quick change. When I opened the diaper, there was no poop, but I thought I would change him since he was fairly wet. Of course, no sooner than I pulled the diaper and cover away he started to poop all over the inside of his jammies! Needless to say I was more late than usual that day.
PS I am in the big minority but I love pins and hate the snappy!

Anonymous said...

Aw, poor baby! My dad apparently did the same thing to me when I was a baby, but it was a middle of the night change and he noticed right away what he had done since I started screaming. That's why my mother taught me to put my hand between the baby and diaper when I'm using a pin, to make sure that doesn't happen!!!!!

Attila & Tamara said...

Oh this story is so sad and funny at the same time. I could SO see this happening to me! Thanks for sharing!


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