Thursday, August 27, 2009

Confessions of a CD Addict

Things began so simply. I was totally overwhelmed the first time I visited a cloth diaper store! I was 8 months pregnant and figured I would just cloth diaper part-time. My sister had dabbled in it with my niece for a few months several years earlier, so I guess I was expecting something similar. She had used cheap prefolds, pins and rubber pants from a discount store. WRONG! It was nothing like that, but I did settle on something similar.

When my son had several allergic reactions to the 'sposies, we went from part-time in cloth to full-time. Thankfully, it was very early on and I a had few diapers and covers. Now my stash is well over 40 diapers and covers, including some I made from recycled t-shirts. We have everything from prefolds to pockets, one-size, all-in-ones, and made from bamboo, cotton, and microfleece.

Since I discovered Twitter and a bunch of other Mommy bloggers, my son has won 5 diapers for our stash. He is only our first child, so this cloth addicted mommy will hopefully have many more fluffy bottom diaper changes ahead!

Contributed by Sara J.


Lisa said...

I'm so jealous that you've won 5 free diapers. I have entered numerous fluff contests but have not yet won anything. I've got my fingers crossed though.

sleepissweet said...

I started with prefolds and flats, thinking that (unlike the spendy pocket dipes), I could use them for burp cloths or rags around the house if cloth diapering didn't work out. I'm happy to stay I'm still cloth diapering with them almost 6 months later!


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