Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Cloth Diaper Geek Explains it all! 1st Edition

Welcome to the first edition of The Cloth Diaper Geek Explains it all! Here, every Tuesday, at Diaper Discussions you'll find answers to reader submitted questions. No question is too big or small for The Cloth Diaper Geek! Post your questions as comments or feel free to use our Reader Contribution Form to submit your question.

To kick it off, below you'll find some frequently asked questions answered by The Cloth Diaper Geek!

Question: I've heard that you aren't supposed to place microfiber directly against the babies skin, is this true? If so, why?

The Geek's Answer: Great question! Microfiber is a super absorbent synthetic fiber and while it does feel soft to the touch (especially when new), some theories are that it can dehydrate babies sensitive skin when placed directly against it and cause dryness, rashes, allergies, etc. While microfiber is miraculous at soaking up liquids, it is not known for feeling dry to the touch. A quick dry liner of fleece or suedecloth is recommended or use the microfiber inside pocket diaper where there will be a barrier between it and your babe's precious bum.

Question: What is sunning and why is it recommended for cloth diapers?

The Geek's Answer: Sunning is the practice of either putting your diapers out to dry in the sun or sunning them in order to remove stains. Not only is it going reduce the wear and tear on your diapers compared to drying in a machine, it will also save you money off your electric bill! Plus, the sun's natural UV rays kill germs and bacteria naturally, help prevent undesired odor buildup, and it's a sure fire way to remove stains without the use of harsh chemicals.

On top of all those benefits, there's nothing quite as pleasing as seeing all your colorful diapers and accessories hanging out on the line on a nice sunny day.

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lsnellings said...

Good to know about the microfiber. I left baby with our babysitter yesterday, sweet girl and willing to use the cloth, but I should probably give her a better tutorial. Right after I left, baby woke up so she changed him...and then he had a huge poop! I hadn't pulled out a back up diaper, so she guessed and she put the microfiber insert on top of the diaper rather than in it! Luckily he only wore it for about an hour!

Julie said...

Some kids are more sensitive than others. Same thing had happened with my mom and husband, and my sons didn't break out in a rash or anything. But I think repeatedly doing it is what could cause problems.

FlippyHippy said...

I am sewing my own pocket diapers now. I have only made 3 so far, and for two of them I used PUL as the outer layer to keep it waterproof. The most recent one I sandwiched the PUL with a cotton print, so it'd be cuter. As soon as my daughter wet the diaper, the moisture wicked around her legs and soaked the cotton. Is there anyway to sandwich the PUL/cotton but avoid the leaking?

Julie said...

Morgan. Typically cotton over pul diapers do wick more quickly than solid pul diapers. The cuteness factor is usually enough for mamas to still enjoy them, just keeping in mind that your babe can't wear them as long as other diapers. You may be able to improve on it a little, what type of leg casings are you making your diapers with?

FlippyHippy said...

Considering I don't know what you mean by leg casing, exactly, probably not the best for the situation! :)

Right now the inner and outer materials just join at a seam. I was thinking about experimenting with pattern alterations to put something waterproof on the edge of the inner piece.

Julie said...

Morgan try this site http://www.diaperpatternreviews.com there are links to some great free patterns that you can try. :)

Attila & Tamara said...

I sunned a stained diaper today for the first time (a BumGenius Organic AIO) and it totally worked--got the yucky stain out! Didn't seem to work as well on the microfleece lining on a pocket diaper though.

Julie said...

Cool! I'm so glad it worked. I have also noticed that stubborn stains seem to fade with time the more you wash them. Sometimes they stick around for a while and then all the sudden are gone!


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