Monday, November 9, 2009

Fluff in the Spotlight: Econobum OneSize Cover & Prefold

So, for years die hard prefold users have been on one side of the fence and BumGenius users on the other. If cloth diapering with prefolds can be so easy then how can we justify spending $16-19.00 on a single diaper? While the BumGenius users thought about how reliable their BG's were and a lot like disposables, super convenient!

Now, thanks to the makers of BumGenius, the prefold users and the BumGenius users can have the best of both worlds! They can have the Econobum!

The Econobum is a super affordable, super easy to use Onesize cloth diapering system. Prefold lovers are sure to love the ingenius design of their onesize prefold and cover and BumGenius lovers get to experience just how convenient and affordable using prefolds and covers can be!

The Econobum works like this:
*The Econobum is available individually or in a kit.


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