Monday, September 14, 2009

Fluff in the Spotlight: Charlie's Soap

Washing cloth diapers can be one of the most confusing and frustrating things you'll ever try to do. Just when you think you've got your routine down, here comes a stink issue, mysterious stains, rash on baby, etc. You rack your brain trying to figure out what to do. Sometimes the most obvious solution is right before you and you may not even notice.

Chances are you need to switch detergents. Many mamas think they need to have a special detergent just for their diapers that they use sparingly and alternate with another detergent for their regular laundry. What you don't know is that you don't need to do that. What you need is a detergent that's safe for both your laundry and your diapers. This is where Charlie's Soap comes in.

Charlie's Soap contains none of the commonly found additives that are found in most laundry detergents. Those additives are designed to bind to fabrics, Charlie's is residue free. What else might you need to know about Charlie's...
  • Charlie's is completely water soluble and safe for HE machines
  • Safe for cloth diapers, laundry and a multitude of other cleaning purposes
  • Safe for all color-fast washables
  • Eliminates the need for fabric softeners
  • 1 teaspoon full is all you need per load, this means 1 bag = approx 80 loads
  • Available in either Laundry Liquid or Laundry Powder
  • Made in the USA
  • Money Back Guarantee
The list of reasons to use Charlie's really is endless. Be sure to check out our current Pimp Your Stash GiveAway and you could win a bag of Charlie's Laundry Powder & All Purpose Cleaner. Also, check back in each day this week for more great info on handling cloth diaper laundry.


Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to get some Charlie's! This sounds like the perfect detergent!


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