Wednesday, September 5, 2007

What do I need to know about washing CD's in a Front Loader?

Detergent residue can be a problem, because front loaders use less water and need less detergent to clean. So if you'd like to use regular detergent (not HE detergent), you'll want to use 1/4-1/3 of a normal load amount. Front loaders usually require 1/2 the amount of regular detergent, so with CD she'll want to cut it down from that. If she's using HE detergent, then 1/2 of recommended amount.
A double rinse is recommended with front loaders, just to make sure of no detergent residue.
The sanitize setting makes the water really hot, so to maximize the life of PUL, only use that cycle during or after a child is sick with a stomach flu or infection, to make sure any lingering bacteria/virus/fungus is killed. Or use the sanitize cycle to sanitize used diapers purchased online, etc. Over use of the sanitize cycle will breakdown PUL faster, and decrease the lifespan of the diaper and it's effectiveness.



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