Friday, September 7, 2007

Cost of Cloth Diapers

How much will cloth diapers cost me?

Each family will need approximately 6 dozen cloth diapers for use over a 2 year period. It is possible to cloth diaper for as little as $300.00, and most diapers purchased can be re-used for subsequent children making the cost of diapering them FREE! The possibilities are endless when using cloth, in today's world you can even re-sell your gently used cloth diapers and re-coup between 50-70% of what you paid for them.

Average cost of a Cloth Diaper Cover $9.00
Average cost of a Pre-Fold $2.00
Average cost of a Fitted Diaper $9.00
Average cost of a Pocket Diaper w/ Insert $15.00
Average cost of an AIO $14-16.00



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