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How to Pack a Cloth Diaper Diaper Bag!

Guest Post by Samantha

One of the biggest fears when starting in the world of cloth diapers is taking cloth diapers on the go. As a busy mommy-on-the-go, I know how important it is to keep things simple and quick so having a diaper bag at the ready is at the top of my list. Apart from your normal diaper bag necessities (whatever those are to your day to day), here are some things to include in the bag when you cloth diaper:

Obviously, as any mom knows, it’s essential to bring some diapers whenever you take baby out. With that in mind, I personally pack some of my cutest prints, but the diaper selection is entirely up to you! I like to consider the trip I’m taking for the day, mentally calculate how many diapers I think baby will need, and ALWAYS pack one more than I actually think. (My luck usually lands on using all of those diapers!) 

For shorter trips (i.e. grocery store, quick errand run, short playdate), I pack about 2-3 diapers (including my extra). For longer trips (i.e. outlet mall shopping, days at the zoo, day trips to the grandparents), I pack 4-5 diapers. Again, this depends on your outing as well as your baby! If you find that your diaper bag is considerably full of diapers (leaving room for not much else), consider bringing prefolds with covers or something like the Flipsystem where you bring inserts with perhaps one or two covers. This can lighten your load while also still adequately covering your baby’s bum!

A wet bag for your diapers!
One of my favorite cloth diaper must-haves is a wet bag. I purchased one from a local work-at-home mom and picked out an adorable print! You are welcome to order one from anywhere, but I find this to be an essential item for the cloth diaper diaper bag. When going to change your baby while out and about, you want a wet bag to store all the soiled cloth AND something that will protect it from the other things in your bag – a wet bag does just that. They have a great lining inside and usually zip up which keeps the wetness & smells out of your way!

Cloth wipes & storage
This step and the next depend entirely on your way of cloth diapering. Some moms will only use cloth diapers, while others will use cloth diapers and wipes. I fall into the second category and so having cloth wipes in my diaper bag is a must. I grab a stack of fresh cloth wipes to take with me. I usually take between 5 and 6 to accommodate messy diapers and any other quick wiping I may need to do while we’re out. I find that storing them in a plastic wipes case (trial-size) works as does a reusuable snack sack or resealable plastic baggie. This depends entirely on your own preference. Either way, be sure to grab some cloth wipes! 

Cloth wipes solution
Finally, a cloth wipes solution is not always a necessity. Sometimes, simple water from the sink will do. However, I usually have some on hand already (made up from that morning) and so I’m inclined to grab that bottle and store it in a side pocket. This way, I’m still getting that great soft texture for baby’s bottom and I don’t need to worry about finding water if we’re out somewhere (like at the park or forest preserve).
Packing a cloth diaper diaper bag takes just about as much times as a regular diaper bag. It may seem daunting at first, but you will get the hang of it! 

Remember to pack any of the other essentials you may need for your trip, such as extra outfits or onesies, snacks, bottles/water/formula if needed, sippy cup, changing pad, bibs, etc. Be sure to account for more than one child also (especially in those instances where you have more than one in diapers at the same time!) Keep the bag organized and simple with extra room. You never know when you’ll need that little bit of extra space and it makes finding things much easier!
Remembering these four essentials can make packing the cloth diaper diaper bag a breeze!

My packed bag – ready for adventures!
My finished bag includes 3 diapers, cloth wipes in plastic case storage, 1 wetbag, 1 outfit, changing pad, wipes solution, lipstick, small First Aid kit, crayons for my oldest, an extra pacifier and room to grow!
I am happily very close to potty-training with my oldest and so thankfully, packing for one bottom nowadays.

By: Samantha Schultz
I am a mostly SAHM of two boys, Charlie (28 months) and Jack (4 months). I enjoy making the most of my family scrapbook online at The Peanuts Gang ( and sharing our adventures with the world!


Nichole said...

Great post. I do mine a bit different -
I have a wet/dry bag. I put clean diapers (Usually 4) in the dry section. Then, when I change, I put the dirty one in the wet part.

In the dry side I also have dry cloth wipes in a baggy. While we are out, I just use water to wet the wipes (since I am normally in a bathroom for changes). I also keep a bottle of water in the van in case the change happens there.

Then, everything else just goes into the normal diaper bag - clothes, toys, drinks, snacks, etc.

Then, I just throw both bags in and I am ready to go.

I usually leave the wet/dry bag packed in the car along with the diaper bag.

At the end of the day, if diapers were changed, I just grab the dirty diapers out and leave the wet/dry bag in the van for next time.

It works great for us! :o) Even daddy can keep up with it! Oh, and I have a boy print and a girl print since I have 2 in cloth so daddy knows which bag to grab for which kid when diaper changes are needed. :o)


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