Thursday, March 18, 2010

MISSION: Potty training twins! Almost complete.

Phew! It literally feels like I began potty training my twin sons a bajillion years ago! I told myself when we started that I wasn't going to stress out because there's nothing more frustrating than trying to potty train little ones who aren't ready. Little by little they showed signs of readiness like taking their diapers off right after they peed, wanting to be changed immediately after pooping, and they showed a lot of interest in peeing outdoors in the grass and such whenever they were diaper-less! (I guess that's a boy thing!)

So we got a small potty. I tried it in the bathroom but that didn't work because I keep the bathroom door closed so they won't go in there all day and mess around. So we put the potty in the kitchen where it was more visible and accessible to them and they began to use it much more.

We finally got to the point where they were in underwear all the time at home. So I took the plunge and started putting them in underwear for short car rides. Well, they weren't ready for that. Every time they would just pee in the car seat, regardless of whether they had just peed or not. So we went back to diapers when we were out.

Eventually we tried underwear in the car again recently and they have really taken to it. I do remind them constantly "don't pee in your underwear" and they have really seemed to get it this time.

Now our last and hardest phase is getting them to not pee during the night. Mason has been waking up dry every morning and even wakes up at night to use the potty if he needs to. Spencer on the other hand pees throughout the night and if I don't wake him before his morning pee then he leaks all over the sheets and wakes up because of it.

So far we've tried everything. The latest is keeping him in an overstuffed Duo Diaper and making sure to wake him before he wakes up on his own. I also think I need to cut back on how much liquids I give him the evening before. They both literally drink ALL day long.

Anyhow, it's been a long road but I think we're almost there. They will be 4yrs old in October and by then I am sure they'll be fully trained. (knock on wood)

How's it going for you all? Any advice? I've always heard it's harder to potty train boys than girls and I think that's proving to be true for us.


Attila & Tamara said...

We are debating when to take the plunge. Our son just turned 2 in January and I would LOVE if he were potty trained (at least during the day) before baby #2 arrives in July!

Congrats on almost being there!

Julie said...

That's a hard time because I know so many who have potty trained and then when the new baby comes they go back to diapers. I would say to introduce the potty and see how it goes, take his lead, and let him try diapers again after baby comes if that's what he wants to do. When they're ready you really will know.

The W. D's said...

I ALWAYS have a potty in the van. I have since Elliot potty trained and I still do-just in case. Plus, it's harder to have a girl pee in the bushes and it's great on long car rides when there is no where to stop. Just an idea. Also, LOVE piddle pads. They go in the carseat and are waterproof. If they get peed on, just wash and put back in. Super easy and WAY better than taking apart the car seats--hate that!

OH..and she's been potty trained since 19 months, but still wears a pull-up at night. She has just started being dry in the morning and waking up to pee on her own during the night. Honestly, I should let her wear underwear at night but I'm too lazy to change sheets in the middle of the night since I'm still getting up about 3 times/night with my twins.


The Cummings Family said...

Our 3 1/2 year old has been potty trained during the day for almost a year now. He is such a hard sleeper at night though, that he rarely wakes up. Our pedi. said it is completely normal for boys not to be fully trained through the night before age 5! Whew, I was glad I wasn't failing in that department! Hopefully we'll be trained through the night sooner than later though :)

Julie said...

Thanks for sharing. I have been wondering if it will just happen right away or take forever. I am ready for it but not sure if they both are...


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