Monday, December 7, 2009

Fluff in the Spotlight: Hi Mamma Changing Pad Covers

This week's Fluff in the Spotlight isn't fluff at all but a much needed accessory and often necessity for all mamas. Hi Mamma custom made changing pad covers are super cute and practical. They make messy diaper changes and accidents easy to clean up. Simply remove and toss in the washer with your regular laundry. Hi Mamma covers can also be dried in the drier as well.

Made from soft flannel and available in a variety of prints and solids, they fit standard size changing pads which are generally 32"x16"x4". Each cover features elastic all the way around giving it a secure yet adjustable fit.

Hi Mamma changing pad covers can also be custom made in any print or fabric you choose, simply contact me for more details!

Don't forget Hi Mamma covers make perfect baby shower gifts for those new or expecting moms in your life!

Hi Mamma changing pad covers were also recently featured at Healthy Moms where the author of the post had great things to say about how much her little one enjoyed having a bright fun print changing pad cover!
She comments,
He is so happy laying on his cars. Seriously, whenever I change his diaper he has been delighted about it since the car fabric began providing entertainment. He makes car noises and typically smiles at the cars and says, "Hi!"
So drop by Earth Angels Diaper Co. today and check out our new addition, Hi Mamma Custom Changing Pad Covers! Woot!


Emily's Family said...

Oh I love these!!

Sarah said...

We have a Hi Mamma cover and love it!! Pretty colors, soft fabric, easy to clean!

Jill said...

that's neat. Right now I can't decide whether I should bother with a cover or not, as the plastic mat thing we have wipes up easily, and we ended up having to wash a cover constantly and only had one, but this gives me food for thought!


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