Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Review of the New Duo Diaper from Thirsties

It was my pleasure to review the New Duo Diaper provided to me by Thirsties! From the moment they announced it's upcoming release I knew it was going to be a great diaper and I was ecstatic to get to try it out before my sons are completely potty trained.
When the diaper arrived I was so happy to see such a high quality insert. The Hemp Jersey is amazingly soft and trim and combined with the two layers of microfiber that you snap on top this diaper is sure to become a fast fan favorite!

Also, the front and back pocket openings are generously sized and very stretchy, making them super easy to reach into and position the insert, it's easy to see how it will agitate out of the diaper during the wash cycle. We all know that removing soiled inserts from diapers before laundry is one of the dirtiest deeds, especially when the insert has slipped down and you have to reach in to remove it.

So, how did the diaper work when we put it to the test? Well since my sons are potty training I knew that they'd put it to the test if I left it on them long enough to pee in. I put the diaper on Spencer, he's 34lbs and 3yrs old. I put him down to nap in it but he woke up dry. I left it on while we went out to run an errand and when we returned I felt him and could tell he had peed by the weight and feel of the diaper.

I took it off and it felt super heavy but hadn't wicked through anywhere, and this is especially unique because he had been in his carseat and usually the compression would have caused wicking if the diaper was full. It felt super heavy so I decided to take it's weight!
Almost 15 oz is quite a lot of weight and it honestly looked like it could have held quite a bit more. I took the diaper to the laundry and although it's not necessary, I wanted to take out the wet inserts to inspect it. I couldn't believe all that weight was being held by such a trim diapering system.

Something else to consider is that I had only prepped/pre-washed the insert twice so it's absorbing qualities will definitely continue to improve with more washing.

As for the fit!? It fits great as you can see in the photos below. When compared to a Duo Wrap in Size 2 it looks like an exact match. If you've found the Sz 2 Duo Wrap to be a tight fit on your babe or toddler you should consider that because you do not wear a bulky fitted or prefold underneath the Duo Diaper it is a much more generous fit than a Size 2 Duo Wrap and I would suggest you give it a try!


Pumpkin Bear said...

I loved your review- especially the part where you decided to weigh the diaper. Personal reviews like this are what generally tempt me to try a new diaper. Thank you!

Chari said...

I loved them too!

I'm giving one away on my blog!

Alesha @ Full Time Mama said...

Wow! I am so impressed with how much it held! Sounds like a wonderful diaper!

Attila & Tamara said...

Thanks for the great review! Very informative. I always love to see pictures of the inside of the diaper!

Ryan, Corrie, Max, and Jack said...

i can't decide which i love more- the fact that the diaper didn't wick, or the fact that you weighed it! Too funny!!!


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