Monday, November 2, 2009

Fluff in the Spotlight: Ecobumz Diapers

It is my pleasure to introduce Ecobumz Diapers as this week's Fluff in Spotlight! Haven't heard of Ecobumz? They're a Canadian based company located in Calgary and they are completely mom-owned!

What types of diapers are Ecobumz? Well Ecobumz produces two styles of AIO's.

Ecobumz Basic Fleece All-In-One Features
  • 100% Organic Cotton Soaker Pad for optimum absorbency
  • Secure hook and loop closure for easy changes and fastening
  • Coated Polyester outer stops leaks and wicking
  • Inner stay-dry fleece liner keeps baby dry and rash free
  • Extra long waist section helps prevent wing droop
  • Available in Size 1 & Size 2
Ecobumz Supreme Organic Velour Stuffable All-In-One Features
  • Available in Snaps or Aplix
  • Coated Polyester outer stops leaks and wicking
  • Pocket Opening for customized absorbtion
  • Organic Bamboo Velour eliminates eliminates your babies exposure to synthetic fibers and is 60% more absorbent than cotton.
  • Organic Cotton soaker sewn in for superior protection. In fact, raw organic cotton retains up to 2 cups of fluid!
  • Available in Size 1 & Size 2
Ecobumz are known for their superior absorbency, quality construction and comfort. They are by far some of the most soft and plush diapers on the market today! You're baby's sure to love the feel of their fuzzy soft fleece or lush bamboo velour up against their skin!

Check them out and try one today!


Unknown said...

These seem like pretty great diapers. I haven't ever had an AIO or a fitted diaper (I guess most AIO's are fitted). I can't bring myself to buy something that won't last as long if they grow out of it. I'd love to try it though and maybe cut down on bulk... we'll see for this giveaway :)


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