Friday, October 2, 2009

Say Hello to the Econobum by BumGenius!

Finally, a cloth diapering system that IS affordable for everyone! The Econobum will live up to it's name by providing the quality and reliability that you have come to love and expect from the makers of BumGenius AND it will be available for nearly HALF the price!

What's going to be so special about the Econobum you might ask? Here are just a few points...
  • OneSize Cover/Shell that will fit from 8-35lbs
  • OneSize Prefold adjusts from Small to Large simply by folding in different directions
  • No stuffing or complicated folding techniques required
  • Nearly HALF the price of traditional OneSize Diapers
The Econobum System will also be available in Package Deals which will include 3 covers and 12 prefolds for under $60.00!

We're so excited about the introduction of the New Econobum! Be sure to check back in late October/early November when Earth Angels Diaper Co. will stock the shelves with this great new diapering system!


Mindy said...

I was just thinking about how prefolds seem necessary because of the expense, but such a hassle. Can't wait to see this product!

3LittleFlowers said...

I REALLY want to try them!! How come my last girl wants to potty train NOW????????????????


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