Monday, October 5, 2009

Fluff in the Spotlight: Thirsties Pail Liner & Diaper Duffel

Introducing the Thirsties Diaper Pail Liner & Diaper Duffel Wetbag! Finally an affordable solution for storing and carrying soiled cloth diapers.

When Thirsties fist announced their release of the Pail Liner & WetBag I have to admit I was hoping for a cute patterns and/or brightly colored PUL, after all that's what Thirsties is known for. So when I saw a white pail liner and white diaper duffel, I was thinking...that's kind of boring.

But after I had a chance to think about it I came to my senses and realized...They're brilliant! Not everyone needs or wants designer prints for the bags they use to carry poopy diapers around in. In fact, I bet there are many of you who don't even own a wetbag, considering them a luxury not a necessity. The awesome and amazing thing about the Thirsties Diaper Duffel & pail Liner is that they're simple, practical, and AFFORDABLE for everyone!

Thirsties Diaper Duffel
Thirsties Pail Liner
  • Measures (28"x28"x9")
  • Made from coated Nylon
  • Drawstring closure
  • Machine Washable
  • Fits standard 52quart garbage pail
  • $12.25each or 2 for $22.50
Want a chance to win a Diaper Duffel & WetBag? Enter this week's Pimp Your Stash and you could have one of each delivered to your door, for free!


hosiewosie said...

Yeah I agree about the pattern, but maybe they'll eventually get more colors


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