Monday, October 12, 2009

Fluff in the Spotlight: Rocky Mountain One Size Diaper

This week's Spotlight is on Rocky Mountain Diapers! Rocky Mountain OneSize Diapers were one of the original manufacturers to begin using the Internal Rise Adjustment System.

How does an Internal Rise Adjustment work? If you notice, RMD's dont have the rise adjustment snaps on the exterior of the diaper like most other onesize. Instead of snapping down the rise in the front, utilizing multiple rows of snap settings, RMD diapers adjust internally, within the leg casings. With one adjustment you can customize the fit of the leg elastic to suit your babies needs.

What else is so cool? Once you've set the RMD to the size you need, there's no need to have to mess the with adjustment until your babe's grown to the next size. Since the setting is hidden, it stays securely fastened through washing and drying and makes less work for you when folding and preparing your diapers for use.

But what is an Internal Rise Adjustment? The Internal Adjustment is used in many popular childrens clothing brands these days, as a way to customize the fit of the waist. You simply pull the elastic, adjusting the fit to what you need, and then snap or button in place.

  • Fits most babies from birth to potty training
  • Internal Rise Adjustment
  • Suedcloth Interior keeps baby dry longer
  • Trim Fitting
  • No aplix makes laundering easier
  • Generous leg casings prevent leaks
  • Available in cute color combos and prints!


Kris said...

Those are really cute... I like the way the size adjustment works too, sounds very easy.


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