Friday, October 30, 2009

Adventures in Cloth Diapering: Big Brother Helps Out!

I wish I'd had my camera handy (or my new FLIP video camera that is coming in the mail this week!) to capture this moment.

I was about to change Ethan's diaper when Brennan comes up.

"Mom, can I do it?"

Me, thinking about it...this could be messy, it could be cute. It is definietly a skill he needs to learn to be a good husband one day.

"Okay Brennan, sure."

I mean...seriously, who says NO to a free diaper change?

Brennan pulls off the snaps of the Blueberry, removes the diaper, wipes Ethan up (with guidance on where to wipe. Bren says, "But he's not dirty!"), and puts the dirty diaper in the wetbag.

Then, Brennan (with me holding Ethan's hinny in the air) gently puts the new diaper (this one a BumGenius with velcro) under his bum. Once he feels it is positioned just so (and just in the knick of time...Ethan was getting restless with his body raised in the air), he covers the front, pulls the velcro tabs and declares himself done.

Not bad for a six year old, I only discreetly tightened one side a tiny bit. Maybe this can become a new hobby for him...

Now, if only I could train Jackson to stuff clean diapers, I'd have it made!

Comments: I write posts from time to time called "Adventures in Cloth Diapering". It's a place for me to share what I am learning as I began CDing my youngest (and last) son at the age of seven months (he's almost one now). This is my latest post about my son changing Ethan's diaper for the first time.

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Attila & Tamara said...

Super cuteness! I remember helping my mom change my sister who is 5 years younger than me! She was in cloth, too! Good for you for letting him help!


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