Friday, August 14, 2009

Do you love cloth diapers?

Go to the Submission FormIf you love cloth diapers we'd love for you to share your expertise or experiences with us! Diaper Discussions is looking for your Cloth Diapering related stories, reviews, experiences, etc. If you're interested in being a Guest Contributor, simply fill out our Blog Contribution form.

Contributions can include anything from how you got started cloth diapering, your laundry solutions, nighttime diapering, cloth diapering/daycare experience, funny stories, folding techniques, public opinion, cloth diapers in the news, and more! Dont forget to share a photo with your submission... We love to see some fluffy bums!

What's in it for you? Some publicity and 10 extra entries into our Weekly Pimp Your Stash GiveAway if your article is chosen.

Why's it so important we get reader submissions? Because your real life adventures in cloth diapering helps encourage other to cross over to the fluffy side or to persevere when they're having a hard time. Plus, everyone's stash is different, everyone's washing routine is different, and you never know when some little thing that you do could help some other mama in a BIG way. Every cloth diapering mom eventually becomes a cloth expert and myself and everyone else included love reading expert advice from real live experts!

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Thanks for considering us for your submissions!


Coccinelle said...

I am fairly new to cloth diapering! But I am completely and deeply in love with them! ;o)

I am pregnant with our first kid and I am building my stash to begin cloth diapering our newborn as soon as possible!

So I don't have any picture of tip or anything to share, but I am looking forward to other bloggers input!


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