Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Stinky Diaper Remedy?

My diapers smell clean when they come out of the laundry but after being worn, and especially after overnight, they have this awfully strong odor? How can I keep this from happening?

Well I don't think there's a cloth diapering mom out there who hasn't had smelly diaper issues at some point. I personally wash my diapers almost every day and they had still been getting pretty smelly after having been peed in. So I decided to try using a wet pail for a change. I put my diaper pail in my utility room where there would be no risk of drowning, and filled it half way with water. Then I added a squirt of BioKleen Laundry Liquid which has Grapefruit Seed & Orange Peel extract in it. I submerge each diaper in the water to soak and when I have about 10 or so diapers in it I dump the diapers and the water into the washing machine. I turn on the washer with either hot or cold and add another ounce of BioKleen, I let them soak for an hour and then let the washer complete it's cycle.

This was my first couple days trying a wet pail. The first couple loads after having soaked in the wet pail with baking soda and/or a squirt of Blue Dawn DishSoap smelled clean but did still produce a strong odor after being peed in and after over night. After my first soak and wash with the BioKleen Laundry Liquid, this morning when the babies woke up the odor was almost 95% gone. It really is amazing. I need to experiment some more to find out if the BioKleen works as well on diapers that sat in a dry pail, or if it is the combination of them soaking in the wet pail with the BioKleen and washing them with the BioKleen that did the trick.

Soon I hope to retail the BioKleen products in my store, but for now you can find them in your local HealthFood store.


Kayleen said...

I used Bio-Kleen when I first started CDing. Had no issues with it. Really liked the faint citrus scent that was left behind after drying. Gave me a better sense of "clean" than the unscented detergents I now use.

Point is it worked for me, but once that 32oz bottle ran out after 3 months, I did not order more becuase I am not able to get it outside of ordering online or traveling to big city to find it.

If I could find it locally without dealing with shipping, I would use it again. I now use All Free & Clear Small & Mighty that I can pick up from Target anytime I want. That also works great for me.

With my front loader I usually add 2 gallons of hot water at the start to ensure there is plenty of water for the prewash and wash cycles. All poopy dipes are sprayed before washing so just need a good cleaning then.


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