Monday, August 27, 2007

Experiments with Overnight Solutions

Well since I have two babies in cloth, this means I can try two different nighttime diapering routines each night and see which works best. So here I will document my different nighttime experiments on 2 male babies age 10 months:

Experiment #1: Fleece Pocket stuffed with a tri-folded premium infant size pre-fold and a hemp/terry doubler. 9:00pm-9:30am. No wicking or leaking overnight, exterior felt dry to the touch after baby woke up. After carrying baby on my hip and after him sitting down, compression dampness occurred.

Experiement #2: Thirsties Cover with a tri-folded regular pre-fold, pre-fold folded down in front for extra coverage and added a hemp/terry doubler. 9:00pm-9:30am. Absolutely dry when baby woke up, even after sitting down cover remained dry. After about an extra hour the white FOE (fold-over-elastic) around legs and waist felt wet and cover began to wick around the aplix.

Experiment #3: DryBee's Green Retro Flower Print PUL Pocket with Wahmie's One-Size Microfiber Insert. 9:30pm-8:00am. Diaper began to wick around the front if waist and around aplix at about 7:00-8:00am. May not have had a problem if baby hadn't slept on his stomach. Some compression dampness did occur and sheets got a little wet.

Experiement #4: DryBee's Blue Polka Dot Print PUL Pocket with Wahmie's One-Size Microfiber Insert and an added hemp/terry doubler. Same time frame as #3 but much less wicking occurred, could be due to the use of the doubler or he possibly slept on his back more than his brother.

Experiment #5: Solid Color Mommy's Touch PUL Pocket with a tri-folded pre-fold as an insert. 9:15pm-4:00am. Had to wake up at 4:00am to change the diaper due to a lot of wicking, especially around the leg openings. A doubler may have helped or the problem may be that the diaper is an older style Mommy's Touch purchased off the FSOT and it's possible the PUL is wearing thin from too much wear.

Experiment #6: Raspberry PUL Wonderworks Pocket stuffed with a folded Gerber pre-fold and a homemade microfiber 2 layer insert (the kind of micro from Wal Mart). 9:30pm-1:30am. Woke up completely wet with a big wet spot on the sheets. The Gerber pre-fold had pretty much no holding power. Put baby in a Thirsties Cover with regular tri-folded pre-fold for the duration of the night with no leaking.



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