Monday, September 7, 2009

Fluff in the Spotlight: Thirsties Cloth Diapers

If you're reading this then we have something in common, we love cloth diapers, in fact we can't get enough of them! They're cute, fluffy, eco-friendly alternatives to disposable diapers and once you switch you just know you're doing the right thing. But one other reason is making cloth diapering a phenomenon... almost all cloth diapering businesses were started by moms like us and nothing makes us happier than knowing our passion for cloth diapers is also helping support mom-run businesses.

Thirsties is no exception! Owner Erin Kimmett started the Thirsties brand back in 2004 with her sewing machine, a dream, and a lot of optimism. Beginning with less than $100 in startup funds she has since grown her business to be one of the largest and most popular lines of cloth diapers on the market. Located in Historic Canyon City, Colorado, Thirsties 4000+ square foot warehouse is a renovated 1920's feed store.

Thirsties mission is to make it easy and attainable for every family to choose cloth while simultaneously investing in our local economy and sustainable business practices.

What else makes Thirsties so special?
  • All Thirsties products and components are proudly made in the USA.
  • All Thirsties products are made by fellow moms like you and I, and many enjoy working for Erin from the comfort of their own homes.
  • Thirsties Diaper Covers, Duo Wraps & Pocket AIO's specialize in delivering a leak-proof cloth diapering system.
  • Thirsties is committed to providing diapers and accessories that everyday families can afford and rely on.
  • Even though Thirsties is one of the largest manufacturers of cloth diapers in the world, they have maintained a solid reputation for quality cloth diapers that families everywhere have come to depend on.
To top it all off, Thirsties hospitality, customer service and business practices are just as fabulous as their diapers. So if you ever find yourselves in Canyon City, Colorado, Erin invites you to stop by and take a tour of the facility!

Stay tuned, Thursday's post is a Behind the Scenes Interview with Sonya the Customer Service and Warehouse Manager at Thirsties!

And don't forget to enter this week's PimpYour Stash GiveAway! Thirsites has generously donated a Fab Fitted & Duo Wrap to this weeks lucky winner! Ends 9-11-09


sleepissweet said...

I love the way Thirsties covers fit--they make cloth diapering so easy!

Anonymous said...

WHAT AN AWESOME WAREHOUSE! That is a cloth diapering Mama HEAVEN! :)

Crissy said...

I would LOVE to tour the facility. Colorado isn't TOO far from us either... Hmm...

I'm glad the diapers are made my mom's...who else knows better what our babies need to cover their bottoms?


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