Friday, August 31, 2007

DayCare's & Cloth Diapers

I have had many customers interested in converting to cloth diapers ask me if their Daycare Center is going to accept them using cloth diapers. My initial response is that it is up to each individual daycare and I know of no law that prohibits them from accepting cloth diapered babies.

So a couple days ago I got the idea to call a few local daycares in my area and ask if they will or will not accept babies or toddlers who wear cloth diapers. Below are the results of my top-secret

1. B. Patch DayCare- Receptionist placed me on hold and returned with a simple NO. She vaguely described some type of health issue and tried to lead me to believe there is a law against cloth diapers.
2. Kids Pl.- Receptionist admitted that they have never had any children in cloth diapers before, but said she'd have to call the Sanitation Department to make sure it was ok. I didn't feel like arguing or I would have explained that the Sanitation Dept is responsible for garbage removal, not health codes.
3. W. Academy- NO.
4. B. Bears- Only after the child is 12 months of age?
5. S. Petite Academy- Absolutely, no problem! :)
6. K. Care- No one had ever cd'd before, would have to ask the director. Please check back.
7. Doorway to L.- Yes.
8. Country B.- Does not accept children under 2 yrs, but cloth diapers on a 2 yr old wouldn't be a problem.
9. C. Choice DayCare- An at home daycare, said "No."
10. E. Coast- "Sure why not?"
11. JB Junction- Yes.
12. L. Explorers- Receptionist seemed a little confused, said "sure" and then asked if cloth diapers were waterproof?
13. D. Road Disc. Center- "Sure, I guess so."
14. Sunshine & S.- "No problem."
15. ABC Acad.- Never have had anyone use cloth before, would have to check into it.

**So the verdict seems to be that people at day care centers are pretty receptive to the idea. Besides a couple of snippy comments made by uninformed employees, it sounded to me like people have no idea how far cloth diapers have come and how convenient they can be.

If you are considering approaching your child's daycare about whether or not they will change cloth diapers, I would suggest you bring in a couple to show them and ask them in person. Make them aware that they do not have to use pins, they do not have to dunk and wash the diapers, and show them your wet-bag and how they'd just simply toss the dirty diaper in for you to take home and launder. Just as easy as disposables if not easier, in my opinion!

Good Luck!



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