Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Just Julie: I'm trying to have a thrifty Christmas! (with pics of my finds!)

You may remember me saying that we're getting a puppy for Christmas. She will be our MAIN present and despite the long list of items my daughter has asked Santa for, he will only be giving the kids a few small gifts and some stocking stuffers.

Trying to be thrifty during the holidays is a real challenge and it's super easy to just buy-buy-buy! However with all my online adventures I am usually able to come up with some super thrifty gifts, great deals, or creative ways of getting what I want. My husband doesn't really keep tabs on what I'm up to but when I show him my stash of goods and explain how I came by it all he is usually really shocked!

Just the other night he was shopping on Amazon. He had a few things in his cart and was just getting ready to checkout. I asked what he was up to and he explained he had a gift in the cart for me and a few small things for the kids. I asked if he'd price shopped and he said no. We looked around on the web at ToysRUs and a few other sites and Amazon did turn out to be the best value.

Just as he went to click SUBMIT ORDER I yelled "Wait!" In just a nick of time I remembered that I had (2) $5.00 Amazon Gift Cards that I had earned through SwagBucks! We were able to save $10.00 off that order and it qualified for free shipping.

Another cool thing was that I had $25.00 in CafeCash from CafePress.com that I had earned. I used that to purchase 2 T-Shirts for my niece & nephew and didn't have to spend a dime!

I used a Coupon Code for a Free PhotoBook and made one for my Mother-In-Law as a gift. (code has since expired)

I also used a Coupon Code for Free PhotoCards and got 50 Free Christmas photo cards & envelopes. All I paid was $3.19 put of pocket! (code has since expired)
Plus, I try to trade with as many wahms as possible when I have an opportunity to (for my graphic design services), for anything and everthing and have quite a little stash of wahm goodies to use as gifts as well. Currently I have finger puppets, wool dryer balls, knit shorties, cloth wipes, crochet play food, mama pads, chalk board mats, jewelry and more!
Aside from the above things I have mentioned I have picked up some things at yard sales and have also been given some used toys that I plan to use as gifts for my kiddos. Everything else I need I want to try and sew or make.

So what are you up to for the holidays? Are you trying to save big and score super awesome thrifty deals? Do you strictly make your own gifts? Do you only buy handmade? Let me know what you're up to and if you have any thrifty tips or cool finds, please do share!

*ETA: Please read the comments to see some new deals and promos that may or may not work. Please also share new ones and ones you know of via the comments! Thanks!*


Anonymous said...

Thanks Julie for posting.Pretty interesting.Wish you n all a joyful Christmas n New year eve ahead.

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Julie said...

Tutsy, I know the codes I used are expired because I tried to pass them on and they worked for some of the people I told but then expired and didn't work for others. If you join my FaceBook group I can notify you when I find out about another code. I did share them on FB when I first learned of them. I will go and look around now and see if I see any more good ones to share with you! -Julie

Julie said...

OK, I see a code for $25.00 off www.photoworks.com (C3733847579) not sure if it still works.

Also, looks like when you sign up for Snapfish, Photoworks or Seehere you get free prints. You could join all and get a lot of free pics.

This is a place that gives 1200 free prints to new registrants! https://www.artscow.com/free1200.html

This one also promises free holiday cards http://www.planningfamily.com/photos/

I will post more as I come across them. :)

Julie said...

Just saw this, free photo book offer. I entered my email and was given the code immediately, not sure how much shipping is though.

Mandy said...

I saw that you also have wool dryer balls! We bought ours from a mom at www.WoolDryerBalls.com and LOVE them- the kids love to throw them around too! They really do cut dryer's time and soften our laundry without the use of softeners. Lasted a year so far and saved alot of money.

Alesha @ Full Time Mama said...

Wow! OK, I'll have to try harder next year to find these free promos! Thanks for sharing!


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