Thursday, August 9, 2007

Equivilant to Disposable Pull-Ups?

My 3 year son is in underwear during the day. Wondering what your suggestion is for nighttime with him since he occasionally still has accidents. I’ve been using pull ups for him from the store, but am running low and am looking for a more environmentally safe alternative. He does sometimes wake in the night so I would need something he can pull off and on by himself so he can use the potty and go back to bed like he does now with his pull ups.

There are actually Pocket Trainer diapers which are the most like disposable pull-ups. Here's a link to them on my site They do require the purchase of inserts to go inside them and they can come with or without snaps. Even if you do get snaps they can still be pulled up and down like training pants. The best thing would be that if your son goes all night without an accident then you can just use the pocket trainer again the next night because it would still be clean.



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